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Stan Shuffett
03-25-2002, 04:45 PM
Last year I shared some progress information about my 7 year old son, Landon.

During one of my postings, I mentioned that Landon was doing an exhibition at the Derby City Classic in January. Well, at Louisville during the tournament and by complete coincidence, a Ripley's point man contacted the tournament site looking for a "9 or 10 year old that could handle a cue." The man was informed that a 7 year old was there.

Pat Fleming taped the exhibition, forwarded it to Ripley's, and then Ripley's called me. They did additional taping at our home and in Louisville in February.

Landon's segment will air this Wednesday (Mar. 27) at 8:00pm eastern time and again on Saturday at 10:00am eastern on the Superstation WTBS out of Atlanta.

Landon joins me in inviting all of you to view his segment.

Stan Shuffett

03-25-2002, 04:53 PM

I look forward to viewing the segment.

Dr. D.

03-25-2002, 04:59 PM
Stan, I lost your number...Enail me again at
Brady Behrman