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05-10-2003, 10:51 AM
I've noticed another facet of the stroke when I do it right(for me) I thought I'd see if it was common with any of y'all,,,stroking TO the OB. The term "stroke through the CB" keeps getting "hammered in" by most all, but I recently remembered that my success is very satisfying when my stroke sensations feel out a finish which kinda ghost like(lack of a better word) flows and finished in contacting the OB, difficult to explain. That sounds like a "well sure" so some I expect, others are scratching their heads wondering if ol' Sid has been drinking this early in the day(not a bad idea now that I bring it up.) Seriously though, take the draw stroke for instance. You take low aim on the CB, but do you sense the finish trying to follow through the OB as well? This kills my draw in part, or completely. The follow stroke, if I'm power stroking and trying to chase my tip in an imaginary fashion to see it pass through the OB as well, I don't do well, BUT of if my stroke has the same finish to the equator aim point on the OB with the sensation of the inertia of stroke finish stopping there as well, then my stroke finishes well and only the top english position at address of the CB rolls me with follow.

Just a personal "ah-ha!" that came to me this morning. Any of this coincide with your stroke? Of course all this thinking and analyzing is only produced in a split second, I'm not promoting mind clutter mind you, just building on my stroke a little more...sid

05-11-2003, 07:02 AM
Scott teaches follow through on the draw. Randy says 'set, pause, finish, freeze'. he further said that upon noticing in freeze position, you can do diagnostics to figure out what you did wrong if the ball did not go in or if you did not get the desired shape. Both of them are teaching pretty much the same way.

I have heard some people on here that they stay in the follow/freeze position for 3 seconds. I stay in freeze until the ob pots or a little longer if it does not go in to help me decide what I did wrong or how to do it differently so I can shoot that shot better.

Laura---> hope I understood what you were saying