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05-11-2003, 06:15 PM
Last night I went to my friendly local neighborhood bar to shoot pool with some friends. I have been shooting there at least twice a week (once every Wednesday for league play) and Saturdays for fun for oh, eight years. ( I also play in an APA league on 9 foot tables in a local pool hall, and in local tournaments.)

This bar has the best local bar box players, they sponsor two league teams (non-APA/BCA)(non-handicapped). One of the two has won the league championships three times in the last three sessions. The better players always bring their own cues and that is the way it has always been.

So anyway, I got to the bar, had a Corona, broke out my cue, and then played a game with a friend. As I was playing, another friend, a young kid with an eagle eye for the shots, and good knowledge of the game comes in, and puts his name up. I beat he first guy and then start playing my friend (both of us are using our own cues. All of a sudden, this drunken stranger got up and demanded to know how to get a game. I pointed him to the board and then turned the light on so he could see better and went back to my game. Now the drunk guy is acting up again and being an ass demanding to have something to write his name with so I walked over got a dri-erase marker that was about a foot and a half away from the board on a shelf which runs the whole length of the wall.

I broke and didn't make anything, and my friend ran six before failing to execute the run out. I then came to the table and promptly ran out. As my reward I now have the 'pleasure' of playing the boorish drunken idiot waiting in the wings.

The guy is acting like a pompous strutting ass, drunk on both alcohol and testosterone. I broke and popped two in and then elected to play a hard two-way shot that if I did not make it, would leave the cue ball snugly in jail. All this time the drunk is crudely trying to shark me by insisting that I hurry up and shoot and engaging in an exagerated pantomine of my movements around the table. I on the other hand am staying cool as ice and playing smart. The drunk is missing ridiculously easy shots that would have set him up for a run, and in doing so, is leaving me some really tough shots. I made my shots, all of them; tough banks, long thin cuts, throw shots.. and then I got out of line on a very, very tough, length of the table razor thin cut, with outside english, and zero margin for error. At this point the drunk really gets obnoxious and starts saying things like: "you're f*****D now ain't you, think you're hot s**t, no way that shot is going in!" I looked at him, smiled, and called the pocket. I then made the shot and got back to the other end of the table for dead on shot on the eight in the corner. Game over.

You would have thought I'd murdered the drunk's family or something from the way he carried on. "F*****g assholes, with your fancy two piece cues and your punk ass rules.." and on and on.

I am a peaceful man and I have tried (succesfully) to avoid a fight since I was 21 and fresh out of the service, but if cornered I will settle the matter very quickly and very violently. I can't begin to comprehend why anyone would risk such a thing for a lousy game of pool. When someone hands me a good spanking at the table I compliment them on their game, I shake his or her hand, and I maintain my genial good nature while waiting for another chance.

At the end of the day it's just a game.


05-11-2003, 06:36 PM
Good for you for keeping your wits about you, and not losing your cool.
I had a similar experience.
This drunk idiot who I was playing (9-ball) was continually yapping while I was playing, and dancing around like he was going to wet himself.
When I got down to the 8, it was very close to the 9, but still clearly makeable in the side. He looks at it and say you better hit that 8 first. I said that's not a problem. Then he said that 9 better not move. I said it has to. The angle of the shot ran the QB right into the 9 after contact. He argued for a bit and finally said just shoot. So I did, pocketed the 8, slid into the 9, with perfect position on it. Then he starts argueing that it was a split, and I didn't hit the 8 first. I tell him a split goes in favour of the shooter(even thought it wasn't a split. I clearly hit the 8 first)and he gets really pissed. Then his sober buddy comes over, and drags him away. What an a$$hole!! I wish people like him would just stay clear of the tables.

05-11-2003, 08:43 PM
Fats, you played it right. If youre going to play in bars you got to expect that sort of thing once in a while. Thats the main reason why i dont play in bars, between the drunks and the noise and the other nonsense, who needs it ?
You did good.

05-12-2003, 07:44 AM
I hate playing with friends and a drunk comes up wanting to play. It was continually happening to me, so I decided to take advantage of a frustrating situation. These guys always have an excuse for losing. The rules, the cues, etc, etc. They will continue to think they are better than you are even if you shoot like Earl Strickland. I used to go to the bars, get a table and shoot with my buddies. When that drunk came along (which was about every night) wanting to shoot. We just took his money on the table. Let him win the first game. His head will get really big because he just beat a hotshot pool player. In the next game or so, he will be more than happy to play for $5, $10, sometimes more. A drunk will never admit defeat. They will usually lose all the money in their pockets to you.

They've wanted to fight me a few times after losing their cash. A drunk can't fight near as good as he thinks either.

05-12-2003, 10:38 AM
That's one of the reasons that I try not to play people like that in bars. I hate when friends see someone acting like they can play, while drunk, and want me to play them. Screw that. I don't let down no matter who it is and would end up with a bar stick over my head. All of it for a quarter or two. I have not as of yet had the opportunity for random drunk guys approaching me to play and getting pissed afterwards.

I did once have a guy challenge who wanted to win also, and after he lost two games he got huffy and called a couple of friends to come play me. He left and they showed up. They were nice guys and said he has done this before. Said he was the better shooter and gets mad when he loses. I dispatched his friends a couple of games and went on my way.

So funny. Although I have saw people get into brawls over darts for money. Especially when someone hit two Bulls and a double 16 to get out, when the other guy needed one 7. Came to blows LOLOLOL. All over $20.

05-12-2003, 02:14 PM
I've come to blows a few times. I've given up on the bar scene these days mainly because of the thugs that carry guns to party (c'mon! they're just looking for trouble). There were a couple rules I followed before playing for money in a bar with someone I didn't know. The main rule was to not be alone. I always had friends around. Rule #2 was don't back down from them. Some might not want to pay and they will try to threaten you. Don't back down. Rule #3 was to pay as you go. You can't trust these pricks so make 'em pay as they lose. Rule #4: if it comes to blows, get you licks in and run like hell to the door. I never wanted to be around when his buddies show up to help out. I learned this lesson the hard way. A punk wanted to fight. I never hit him, but just pushed him out of the way. About 1/2 later, I'm blind-sided by his friends. That sucks.

05-14-2003, 12:13 AM
They're everywhere. My only observation is that they seldom return to well managed businesses. They quickly learn that they're not welcome, unless they adjust their attitude. The problem is that most places aren't that well managed, or are too large to monitor such things. Just one of the pitfalls of being a poolhall junkie. /ccboard/images/graemlins/crazy.gif

05-14-2003, 10:04 AM
At a tourney last night, a guy playing (a manager) had to roughly escort a drunk homeless man out who had wandered in and disrupted a table. I guess the week before the homeless guy pulled a knife on one of the other employees. You never know what is under the trench coats.