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03-26-2002, 11:07 AM
I live in a small town and the tournaments have stopped for about a year.
Recently they started up again using the round robin format to try to get
more players involved.So far they played four tournaments with lots of
players from the surrounding areas. I missed the first two because of work.
I played the third tournament and won, but I was disappointed to see I was
the only shooter there from town. I went last week to the fourth tournament
and was happy to see all the top players from town there. I went to the tournament
straight from work and had a poor start, anyway one of the top local shooters
has a really good start. When I play someone that is close to him, he comes up and
tells me to beat the guy because he close. I beat all the guys that where close to him
and i'm on fire ( be it too late to take the tournament ). Now it's his turn to play me and
he tells me not to beat him badly, he says 10 - 7 would be good. He breaks and sinks
three balls and misses, I start shooting and when I start to get down to sink the eight
I hear him say something ( I didn't hear what it was ) and I sink the eight anyway. Later
on he comes over and tells me I f****d him. It turns out he was one point from the winner
who was from out of town. I came across this before about a year ago and I did the same thing,
beat the local player and the out of town guy won. The way I look at it is that we would not have
any tournaments without these out of town regulars ( who are more regular than the town players ).
Would any of you had played it differently? Terry knows he done the right thing. Terry

03-26-2002, 11:15 AM
yes, you did

Chris Cass
03-26-2002, 11:34 AM
Hi Terry,
Don't listen to this local dude, he's wrong. Play your game. If this guy thinks you screwed him? Then offer to play him, for some doe. That's total BS. Glad to hear the shark didn't work on you. Your a class act Terry.

C.C.~~hates a dumper......

03-26-2002, 11:40 AM
Round robin requires complete integrity by all the players. I player who has no chance to win the tournament himself may control who wins. He is obligated to play his best game even though he will not benefit. What that guy asked you to do, I have seen done by top professionals. From my experience pool players in general don't have enough integrity to play round robin.

03-26-2002, 11:51 AM
Hi Terry,
Don't listen to this local dude, he's wrong. Play your game. If this guy thinks you
screwed him? Then offer to play him, for some doe. That's total BS. Glad to hear
the shark didn't work on you. Your a class act Terry.

C.C.~~hates a dumper......

Hi Chris, I did play him and I think thats why he was thinking he would lose. I didn't give
him back his confidence. LOL , But none the less I was disappointed, I thought we had more in comon. Terry

Chris Cass
03-26-2002, 12:30 PM
Hi Terry,
Basically you did. You both wanted to win. Regardless of the reasons of wanting to win. Your the guy who wanted to win for the right reason.
Keep it up champ,
C.C.~~likes a true winner.

03-26-2002, 02:40 PM
I am assuming that you play to win, regardless of the situation or format. If so, you did the right thing.

If you were in a bar or just in "practice mode", then I would say, "Big Deal", let the other guy bang in a winner now and then to keep him interested. You were in competition and the last time I checked, the objective is to PLAY TO WIN.


Ken (likes to win, hates to lose, likes beating sandbaggers and those that expect you to get on your back for them)

03-26-2002, 04:52 PM
Hi Terry, You definately did the right thing. I am willing to bet that the TD would also like to know that this person is degrading his tournament and making outlandish attempts to fix the outcome of the tournaments. That is total garbage and definately needs to be brought to a halt everywhere.

Ralph S.
03-27-2002, 02:05 AM
The answer is simple. Drill his ass for having the nerve to ask you to dump.
Ralph S.

Ralph S.
03-27-2002, 02:09 AM
I should add that I meant on the pool table. Don't want any of the CCB faithful locked up for a bar fight. Besides, jailhouse food sucks. Trust me on that.
Ralph S.

03-27-2002, 11:57 AM
The situation you mentioned brings up one negative point about a round Robin style tournamaent. Your still in it but you can't win it. It allow some one in that position to alter the outcome of the tourny.

03-27-2002, 12:27 PM
Q-Guy, A couple of days ago I had a friend in the drafting department at work inlarge my double elimination charts
to 30" x 58". I dropped them off to the tournament director at the hall. They are going to try a double elimination tournament tonight and see if the players will support the format. Some of the players always want round robin because they feel they can't win the tournament and this way they're in it til the end. Unfortunately i'm working tonight and won't make the tournament. I already told the TD what format I like, but I also said I will play any format they need to use to keep the tournaments alive. Terry

03-27-2002, 12:51 PM
Chris, I know the guy is put out by my beating him. My wife bumped into him a couple of days later ( and ofcourse she didn't know about our game ) and asked him how the tournament was. He told her that he missed first place by one point and that I ( Terry ) had that point. When she told me about their confersation, she said whateever he means by that. I told her what he meant and she bursted out YOU MEAN HE WANTED TO CHEAT! Anyway I know he has even more negative thoughts within himself that may get in his way the next time we play. Terry

03-27-2002, 09:58 PM
I am like you, I never make waves, I am glad to get to play. I may make a suggestion but that is it. People don't usually like being told how to run their tournaments.

Chris Cass
03-28-2002, 05:58 AM
Hi Ralph,
I like your suttle approach to ethics. LOL
C.C.~~yep, gotta like Ralph...

Chris Cass
03-28-2002, 06:04 AM
This guy is a loser. If someones wife asked me how the tourney was going or something to the effect. I would say, just fine or ok. Your wife has nothing to do with your game with him. This guy has no class at all. Give the wife my regards.

Now I want to play him,