View Full Version : Your Best Fargo scores...

05-14-2003, 09:50 AM
I best I could get was 183. On the campus we started a handicapped tournament based on peoples results in Fargo. During the week people would try for their best score and everyones were tallied at the end of the week when we would have a 8 or 9 ball tourney. There really wasn't any sandbagging because there were a few really good players and a bunch of so-so avid players. Then we set up a point scale for how many games on the wire you would have to spot the guy depending on your score difference. Usually a race to 3 games. I had to spot eveyone two games each match, so I could not afford to make a mistake when they only needed one game to win. It was a pretty good system and gave people a way to practice/judge their performance when they were shooting by themselves.