View Full Version : BCA National 8-ball 2003 - The Tournament

Fred Agnir
05-15-2003, 12:36 PM
I've got my random thoughts to put down, so here's this year's post.

The new cueball is manufactured in what is reported to be several casting steps. A rounded true smaller phenolic casting, a layer of metal flake/phenolic on that casting, and maybe a final phenolic shell. The hope was that the balls wouldn't roll off due to the unbalanced nature of previous metal-insert cueballs.

The result? Well, the cueballs did roll true, as advertised. However, the complaint across the board was that the cueball rolled too far, as if it was heavier. The theory is that the heavier shell on the outside increases its rotational inertia. I.e., these balls want to keep rolling more than their predecessors.

Additionally, these cueballs are picking up and holding chalk on the surface much more than a regular cueball. Similar, but not to the same extent as a metal flake "mud" ball. So, skidding was far too common. I really wish either the Diamond Smart Table or the Smart Table's ball return system was in use instead.

I played well, and in the end, I played better than last year. However, I placed one spot worse. So, I think the overall play of my opponents this year was better than last year's for me.

Report on safety play. I shot a couple. I think my opponents combined shot two or three against me. That is, not much safety play. A lot of running out or running and missing.

I watched a couple of Steve Lipsky's games. I think they were the last two of a match. He ran a full table and then broke and ran out what looked to be a completely unrunnable table. That was pretty much what the Masters looked like across their board.

It was a great pleasure to watch Women's Masters winner Jeannie Seaver from Florida. Great player. Very impressive, as are many of the Women Masters. I'd never watched her play before.

I didn't play the team event, so when other players got there, I was heading out. Sorry, no report.