View Full Version : Vitalie table vs Diamond???

05-16-2003, 03:13 PM
I have an opportunity to purchase a 3yr old 8ft Vitalie Lord Nelson table for $3500 with all the accesories. I was told it retailed for over $9000 when purchased and its been rarely used. The seller is moving to Fla next month and want to sell it. Has anyone had any experience with a Vitalie table. I can also purchase a 6 yr old Diamond table for about $3000. Even though the Vitalie table is very decorative and attractive, I'm putting the tablein my basement and looks are secondary. It has drop pockets which I do not prefer but seems to be quieter and my wife hates noise. Any comments would be appreciated.

05-16-2003, 05:02 PM
There have been a lot of changes in the Diamond tables over the last 6 years. I question the wisdom of buying a used one for $3,000 when the oak table was selling new for $4,050 last year. Even the rosewood model retailing at $6,750 doesn't approach the Vitalie. Diamond does have higher end tables but the 6 years of changes is still an issue since they are providing better cushions now and improvements in the pocket design.

I can't comment much on the Lord Nelson. It's a very ornate table but who knows what the slate thickness is or what the cushions are made of.

If you have room for a 9 foot Diamond do you really want an 8 foot Vitalie? A new Diamond for a bit more might be better than a 6 year old one. The Vitalie is a great looking table and might be a good value depending on the more practical question of playability and I can't comment on that.

05-17-2003, 10:03 AM
... if you can shoot some shots, on either Pool Table, & you want to have a Pool Table that you can practice on & take your lessons learned to a Pool Hall & compete... then you need to shoot a few 2 & 3 railers to see how each of your prospective Pool Table's match what you are competing on.

The standard 3 railer out of the corner to the opposite corner is a good judge of a long or short banking Pool Table. Do the 2 railers along the long rail back to the corner pocket, that's a good judge too.

The cloth is a major part of your home table vs your competition arena.

Make a matrix showing the results of your competition arena & then see how well each of the Pool Tables you are researching match up.
I found an old table, spent $6500 making it beautiful only to find out that the Antique Pool Table "Rail Action" is different than today's Pool table "Rail Action". Spent $6500 for a bullet in the foot.

Now I'm looking for a good 9 foot Gold Crown or Diamond Pool table.