View Full Version : how could I? Oh the shame!

05-17-2003, 11:50 PM
oh man. I wasted a perectly good hustle tonight on my own choking. me and my friend were playing two other friends of ours in scotch doubles 8 ball. Me and my buddy had the disadvantage as he doesn't play pool much, but I figured I'd pick up the slack because I have been on a tear. Well, my tear apparently ended when we started cuz I was just off. Anyway, we were down 4 games to 3 and were not in good shape. So I pull the old classic "I'll bet you the same money thats on the table that y'all don't get another shot. Look at us,we're out from here easy", you know just laid it on as thick as I could. And they actually took it.So I line up my easy shot on the 8 ball to lose the game and somehow rattle the pocket. I mean, it was perfect because they realized what I was doing when I lined up, and they were going nuts as I had this huge grin on my face, and I choked out on it! It was horrible. The only good thing was that I worded it as the "same money thats on the line now", so actually we only lost the original bet anyway, but I just hate I wasted the looks on those guys faces when they knew they had been had. But at least we did get one buddy with the "I can drink 2 glasses of beer before you drink the two shots". Oh well, I'm going to bed to have nightmares of my screw up.