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03-26-2002, 04:51 PM
The ladies from the Spirit Tour will be in Ocala April 6,7. They had 42 players at stop #1 and Sarah Ellerby took 1st. It probably won't be too long before she is playing in the WPBA. Anybody from the CCB going to watch them play? Jake

03-26-2002, 05:47 PM
I will be at Corner Billiards in NYC for a NEWT event- I was at Wally's in Lakeland Fl and saw Sarah E win that one. Newt has stronger field IMHO

03-26-2002, 06:12 PM

I'm thinking about comming down to see Sarah. You should have seen her defeat Loree Jon Jones 9 to 3 at WPBA Cuetec
Cues Players Championship. She was defeated by Karen Corr
on the front side and Kim Shaw on the back side. Sarah also
defeated Candi Rego in the first round. I sent Sarah photos.
If your E-mail is posted I will send you a set of Sarah and Karen playing on the front side.


03-26-2002, 07:34 PM
Good evening:

I look forward to meeting you at Corner. NYC is my home town!!!

Dr. D.

03-27-2002, 07:54 AM

My email is posted just remember to remove the words "nospam" from it.

I have been watching Sarah for the past several months and she gets better each time out.


03-27-2002, 02:12 PM

Photos Of Ms. Sarah Ellerby Vs. Karen Corr Cuetec Cues Player Championships 3-16-02 sent to you. Sarah Ellerby is going to be one great player as her mental game is fine as
Allison Fisher and Karen Corr.



03-27-2002, 02:33 PM
Isn't Sarah ranked in the top 50 of WPBA rankings, can someone else verify that? As far as Sarah having the same mental game and toughness as Allison and Karen, isn't it because she too is from the professional UK & European Snooker scene, can someone verify that as well?

03-27-2002, 03:25 PM

Ms. Sarah Ellerby was ranked number 44th with 140 points in WPBA at the start 0f 2002 season. Ms. Sarah Ellerby was a swimming, judo champion who for a while jockied race horses
for her father. She stopped swimming and judo because of injuries and played English 8-Ball, the kind on the Bar Box
tables. In England they have smaller pockets and the balls
are smaller white and red with 8-ball. As far as I can figure out she won 85 Championships and was the European
Champion. She came to the US about 2 years ago and began
working her way up to her present status.


03-27-2002, 03:42 PM
Thanks Harry! Cool, so she is ranked in the WPBA. I knew she was from England, and whenever I hear that I just almost always assume Snooker ...so from what you are saying, she never took part in Professional Snooker?

03-27-2002, 03:48 PM

A BD story had mentioned that she played snooker but I hate to say they were wrong. I only know her as an 8-Ball legend who defeated over 20 men in a charity challange match to save a hospice in York England so she is my automatic hero
what ever happens.


03-29-2002, 08:12 AM

I'm sorry I left out Sarah Ellerby is ranked 40th in the
world rankings with 60 points as she took part in two events in 2001 season.


04-02-2002, 11:02 PM

I did find out from Ms. Janie Watkins one of the origional
founding players of Women's World Snooker that Sarah Ellerby
played in two tournaments but it was years ago with no real results.


04-02-2002, 11:57 PM

No NEWT doesn't?