View Full Version : antique Brunswick pool/snooker table?

05-21-2003, 02:12 PM

I have a old pool table 5x10 with 2inch slate in my basement and would like to know the value of it?

Under the table the only inscription is 6 digits:102050

Could someone help me.


05-21-2003, 02:50 PM
A typical price for such a table is one to two thousand. It would be easily possible to find one offered for less but someone looking for one might pay toward the higher number. If you have all matching parts and very good condition the value could go higher if it has appeal as an antique. 3 to 6 thousand minimum for a really nice restorable antique but buyers are rare. If you found it in your basement it sounds like it was not highly thought of. It's hard to say more without good pictures.

Check the slate thickness again to be sure that you are not including the thickness of the wood backing. One inch was more common. One and a half inch thick slate would be a plus but the whole thichness would then be two and a half. If you don't know if it is a pool or snooker table you should figure that out. There is little demand for snooker in the U. S.

I would suggest you be a little more specific on the 5x10 part also. Measure from one cushion nose to the other and I would rely more on your estimate of its size. If you have an antique table that is 5 feet wide then it is a 4 1/2x9. If it's a snooker table of that size then I would consider it practically worthless.

I know of only one 5x10 which is a convertible between pool and billiards and it was purchased for $1,000. It's no prize but it is old and convertible so I might have paid a bit more for it. I'm considering making an offer.

These tables usually sell at between $300 and $30,000. From what you have described I would put yours nearer the lower end of that range but you've given very little to go on.