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03-27-2002, 01:50 AM
Cheesemouse, thanks for the info, the table diagram is pretty cool, although it we be a while before I get it figured out. I'm not too computer savvy. Thanks again.

I. Rock

03-27-2002, 04:59 AM
I Rock,
It's the code of the road rock my man. If you see a fellow player with his hood up, smoke rolling out and scratching his/her head with that look on their face you just gotta pull over and give a hand. I rock, you rock, he/she/it rocks and we all rock together. I'm just passing it on and getting even with the board.

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03-27-2002, 07:16 AM
Good morning:

I concur with Cheesemouse on this one. CCB members, and pool enthusiasts alike, are one giant extended family - yet better. Better, because you can count on the help of the extended family more reliably then any other "family" you might have.

Dr. D.