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03-27-2002, 10:59 AM
I was searching different bulletin boards the other day for info on what's the best tip size, and I found someone who had a list of the brand, size and weight cue that all the pros use, and now I can't find it could anyone help me?

03-27-2002, 01:24 PM
Barn, There was a thread on CCB with that information.
I believe it was well before the change to this new format.
You can search the archive, and I believe it was last year.
Someone here might have that info, and respond. Good luck.

03-27-2002, 02:11 PM
although they are all over the map, in terms of preferences, i think i can say that the most popular specs are 19oz, 13mm with a growing use of predators which takes the tip down to 12.75mm.

i think i'm seeing a slow drop in cue-weight preference, over time, but i don't think i could prove that.


03-27-2002, 05:42 PM
Not that I really care Dan, but I wonder what it was 10 or 20 years ago. Like you said there all over the place in size and weight. It proves that one size doesn't fit all.
In the 70's when I quit playing my shaft size was under 12.75 mm. That had to do with sending the cue away to have shafts made. I would think shaft size has changed very little as an average, but I feel as you do the weight average may be a little lower. In your spare time would you research that info for 20 years? No hurry, have the results next week on monday! What! what's that finger you've got in the air?

03-27-2002, 07:38 PM
Subject: Statistics on cues the pros use
Date: <font color=red>26 Sep 1999</font color=red>
Newsgroups: rec.sport.billiard

I just picked up a Camel 1999 player guide, and it lists the cues, weights,and tip diameters for most of the players listed. I was curious about the stats,so I just finished typing them in and computing some of them. Here's the

wt/oz tip/mm
------ ------
Means 19.340 12.799
Standard Deviations 0.604 0.299
Min 18.000 12.000
Max 21.250 13.500

The full data is at the end. Please excuse any name mispellings. I gave them the once over, but I could have missed some errors. A few of the cue specs were missing, so I included the names just in case anyone knows what they
use and they can fill them in. For example, I think Grady Mathews is using a Predator cue these days, but I don't know the weight. Also, I suspect some of the data may not be correct, but I didn't make any corrections in this list.
For example, two of the players using Predator cues gave two different tip diameters, 12 and 13, but I think all Predator tips are 12.8mm. Or maybe these guys have special shafts, I don't know. Anyway, what is listed is what is
in the book.

$.02 -Ron Shepard

************************************************** *********

Here's the full list, in tabbed format:

Last name First name Cue weight/oz tip/mm
Aguero Billy Rick Chudy 19 13
Andam Leonardo Price 19.5 13
Anderson William Hurricane 19 12.7
Aragon Aaron Schon 18.5 12
Archer Johnny Schon 20.5 12.75
Beckley Jeff Tad 20 13
Bernatchez Claude Predator 19.5 12
Blanda Billy Schon 19.75 12.75
Breedlove George McDermott 18.75 12.75
Brooks Ed Tim Scruggs 19 13
Bustamante Francisco Bear Custom 19.5 12.5
Calvert J.R. Falcon 18.4 13
Carter Jeff Meucci 19.25 12
Coltrain Mike Schon 19.5 12.5
Coulter Dennis Viking 19 13
Craig Stephen Schon 19.3 12.5
Crane Wade Mottey 19.75 12.5
Daulton Shannon Schon 20.4 12.75
Davenport Kim Sambodie[sic?] 19.5 12.75
DiLorenzo Tom Southwest 19.5 12.75
Dominguez Ernesto Tad 20 13
Ehrbar Jim Schon 20 13
Ellin Tony Meucci 18 12.5
Fix Greg Midwest Custom 19 13.25
Fleming Pat Skip Weston 19 13
Fletcher Jacque Meucci 19.5 13
Galloway Johnny Meucci 19.25 12.7
Garcia Jose Falcon 19.75 13
Garrahan Teddy Skip Weston 19 13
Goodwin Jayme
Green Nat Southeast 19 13
Griffis Roger
Hall Cecil "Buddy" Lucasi 20 13
Harriman Danny Viking 19.5 12.75
Hatch Dennis Dan Dishaw 19.5 12.75
Hatch Greg Dan Dishaw 19.5 13
Hoa Tang Ed Presitt 19.5 12.5
Hopkins Allen Costa 19 12.9
Horsfall John Falcon 19.5 12.75
Howard David Meucci 19 13
Hubbart Larry Meucci 19.5 13
Hudson Robbie
Immonen Mika Longoni 19 13
Jones Jeremy Olivier 19.5 12.75
Kanov Garard Roger Allan 19 13
Karabatsos Tom Southwest 19.25 12.25
Kennedy Tommy Lambros
Kucharo Jon Schon 19.25 12.75
Lebron MIke 19.5 12
Luat Rodolfo Philippine 20 12.8
MacDonald Chris Sherm Custom 19 13
Martel Alain
Mathews Grady
Matlock David Kikel 19.5 12.75
McAninch Steve Gilbert 20 13
McNamara Raymond Black Boar 20 13
Medina Danny Olivier 19.3 13
Michaels George Cognoscenti 18.5 13
Mike Massey
Mizerak Steve Mizerak 21.25 13
Morycz Stanley Falcon 19 13
Parica Jose Olivier 19.75 13
Pierce Reed Meucci 19.25 13
Potier Paul Stout 19.6 13
Ragossnig Tobias Espiritu 19.7 13
Reid Jimmy Viking 19 13
Rempe James Meucci 18.5 13
Reyes Efres Meucci 21 12.5
Rimlinger Martin McDermott 21 13.5
Rinella Mike Meucci 19 13
Roberts Thomas Kady 19 12.75
Robles Tony Meucci 18.5 12.75
Salvas Luc Schon 19 12.5
Sambajon Santos Joe Porper 19 12.5
SanSouci George Lambros 19 12.25
Schultz Raymond McDaniels 18.75 12.75
Segal Andrew Schon 19.5 12.75
Smith David Huebler 21 13
Souquet Ralf Joss
Stephen Bill Joss 19.5 12
Strickland Earl Cuetec 19 13
Takahashi Kunihiko Mezz 19 13
Townsend Scotty
Tucker Joseph Predator 19 13
Ulrich Louis
Varner Nick Meucci 18.5 13
Vickery Howard Meucci 19.6
Watson Gerry Meucci 18.5 12.75
West Dallas
Wetch Jimmy Schon 19 13
Whitehead Randy Schuler 19.3 13
Wiggins Art Schon 19 13
Williams Charlie Schon 19 12.25
Wilson Mark Pechauer 18.5 12.75
Wiseman Ron Schon 19 12.75

03-27-2002, 09:50 PM
To tie into another thread, I noticed not one player on the list was using a Black cue.

03-27-2002, 10:08 PM
Thanks for the list...it will be very helpful.

Do you have any Jennete Lee, aka 'Black Widow' statsticktics?

03-28-2002, 12:49 AM
In 1999 there were a lot of Meucci's also. And not to many Predators. And, Predators had been out for almost 7 years back then.

It has Efern playing with a Meucci and I know he quit playing with a Meucci last year or later. Can't remember what he plays with now.. but I think it is a cue made in his home country.

03-28-2002, 06:33 AM
Mika is playing with a real nice Cappone last I saw him.weight and tip mm unknown,but more than enough to drill me:)...Gerry

03-31-2002, 11:36 AM
This is from barn. I tried to post this reply, but it said my username was being used. I guess by me. I didn't know how to post a reply. Anyway, thanks for the list, I appreciate it. I wish I could find the list I saw before though. It had women on it too, and it must have been more recent because it had Corey Deuel on it also. Thanks again for the list. It was great.

03-31-2002, 07:24 PM
Efren played with a Meucci for one year. Bob Meucci stiffed him. So, he stopped using the crap.
Efren plays with a Philippine made cue and his break cue is made by Judd of Colorado.