View Full Version : Does anyone besides me suffer from IBS?

05-26-2003, 11:18 PM
I had a great night at APA 9ball league tonight, kinda. I won 19/1, and probably would have won 20/0 had I not gotten sick about halfway through the match. I have irritable bowel syndrome and get sick from nervousness, anger, or over-exertion. What there was to get nervous about, I have no idea. I rarely get sick playing regular matches. I usually get sick playing in upper level tournaments or the first match of single tournaments. I can normally avoid sickness, or at least lessen the severity, if I take a couple of Zanexes before playing, but didn't take any tonight because I didn't think I would have any problem. I had to lay down and hurt for about 30 minutes after I finished my match tonight, and was afraid if it had gone on longer I might have to forfeit. At least it wasn't a bad experience. A bad one would have meant at least an hour of pain. I've been having quite a time with this lately. Does anyone one else suffer from this? /ccboard/images/graemlins/confused.gif

05-27-2003, 05:31 AM
Hi Stickman,
I suffer from IBS as well. Luckily the presure of match play has not caused flare ups. But if there are other things going on in my life that are upsetting me it will flare up. Also I find that diet can play a big part in things however its secondary to emotional/mental upset. I would suggest that you try to find a way to relax before a match in lieu of using the drugs. While I do understand the use, I think you'll find your game will do even better if you could without the effects of the drugs and still be relaxed. How? Perhaps meditation, various relaxation techniques. Learn to enjoy the game more during match play, relax, and most of all have fun /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif


05-27-2003, 06:05 AM
I had this from nov til jan and was hospitalized twice due to an infection. I was told that I had dammage, there was no cure, yet it has gotten better.

I used to take something like zanax but once i stopped taking pool too seriously and just playing to have fun, I do not have to take that. When it stopped mattering about winning or losing, just trying to play my best, I was very relaxed. I also started winning more.

Imagine that. /ccboard/images/graemlins/smirk.gif


05-27-2003, 10:53 AM
I've been fighting this for several years and seen several doctors. I have a script for the Zanax for daily use, but I never take them, unless I suspect that I might in a stressful situation. I'd rather not become dependant on them. My latest doctor is putting me on an anti-depressant, commonly prescribed for IBS, and I have to work up to the desired level. He said it may be two months before I know if it works. He also suggested the possibility of some relaxation techniques. It's funny how sometimes I can hardly do anything without getting sick, and other days I can do quite a lot. I sure hope this latest effort works. I'm glad to hear that you and BW have your symptoms somewhat under control. /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif

05-27-2003, 10:57 AM
BW, I'm glad you brought that to my attention. I played with the same attitude as you described, about a year ago, when I was having a lot of trouble. It seems that I had forgotten that. /ccboard/images/graemlins/blush.gif