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05-28-2003, 10:57 PM
Awright, I'm intrigued..where is it????
I had assumed it was something like Hamilton, Kentucky..BUT
on monday, a familiar looking feller walked into the pool room
The reason he looked familiar was...I had a roommate that had around 30 Accustat tapes featuring Nick Varner..we worked different shifts..I'd get home at 3am, and the roomie would be asleep on the couch..Nick Varner would be on my TV..I'd get up in the morning..aaaand, Nick Varner would be shooting pool..it was sorta like a Jerry Lewis telethon, an every day was Labor day
I either had to shoot my roommate, or shoot the TV...I couldn't take any more Nick Varner...fortunately though he
(A) discovered Efran
(B) moved to another state
Actually Nick's a friend of the room owner, so I've seen him there before...
Anyway, I asked him about H...ky---and not only has he never heard of the place, ..he ain't never heer'd of the adroit, Mr Benoit...and since Kentuckians, by law, are all related....where the **** is Hamiltucky?

05-29-2003, 12:08 AM
Me thinks it has something to do with Hamilton Ohio. Isn't it and or Cincy just across the river from Kentucky. Don't ask which river, one with water that flows. LOL

Fred Agnir
05-29-2003, 06:03 AM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote wolfdancer:</font><hr> where the **** is Hamiltucky?

<hr /></blockquote>It actually ends up being a national joke, even though Hamilton, OH maybe the original. With apologies to the great state of Kentucky, many places across the country (not in the deep south) will add 'tucky at the end of the name of towns and cities that may be construed as ... shall we say... rural.

Fred &lt;~~~ they really do call my town "Templetucky"

05-29-2003, 06:56 AM
Just south of Middletucky of course. Jeeez.....

05-29-2003, 07:14 AM
http://terraserver-usa.com/image.aspx?t=1&amp;s=14&amp;x=221&amp;y=1363&amp;z=16&amp;w=1&amp;ref=P%7c Hamilton%2c+Ohio%2c+United+States

Hamilton OH.

26 miles north of downtown Cincinnati.

Hamilton was a thriving industrial town at the turn of the last century. Mosler Safe, Ford Motor Co., Black and Clawson Machinery, Champion Papers just to name a few.

The population was mostly German (Catholic mainly but also many Protestants) , some Italians, some Irish, and some of British extraction.

After WWII a tremendous migration occurred. Young men from Kentucky and Tennessee streamed north to Cincy, Dayton, and Hamilton for the plentiful and good paying industrial jobs. By 1960 50% of the population of Hamilton was 1st or 2nd generation Appalachian. Hence the nickname "Hamiltucky"

My folks arrived here from Mt. Vernon KY in 1957. My dad worked for the Baltimore and Ohio railroad and my mom was an elementary school teacher.

The West Side remained mostly native Hamiltonians while the hillbillies settled on the more affordable East Side. The two sides are separated by the Great Miami River. There has been, as you can imagine, a sort of rivalry which borders on resentment between the two.

Famous Hamiltonians:

Joe Nuxhall..longtime Reds announcer and the youngest man to ever play MLB. He pitched for the Reds at the age of 15 in 1944. He grew up over by the Ford plant. He works out at my gym but he's there in the morning so I rarely see him.

Ray Combs..comedian and former host of Family Feud. He grew up over on Coralie Ave I think. He hung himself a few years ago. He had a mental disorder.

Mark Lewis..MLB player, first pick in the draft around 1992 I think.

Jim Tracy..manager of the Dodgers now I think.

and Wally in the Natty..best pool player at the Reef Tavern.

05-29-2003, 07:40 AM
Wally, I should have guessed, Ohio..I've driven a few times from Cleveland to Fla..
And, thanks for the neat info on the area
Joe Nuxhall is one of them baseball trivia questions..but imagine pitching in the majors at 15...too bad Nike wasn't around then...just heard they signed up some 5 yr old T-ball batting champ
Took my one and only flying lesson in Dayton, Ohio

05-29-2003, 09:03 AM
Reebok just signed a 3 year old basketball player who sunk 18 straight shots from outside on an 8 foot rim. The kids Mom has been hawking him for over 1 year now.

Back to Hamiltucky. I've read the above biographies on Hamiltucky and I've got to believe it's all a farce. Hamiltucky is a myth, much like the unicorn. I am a Pooh-Bah, I know these things.


05-29-2003, 04:50 PM
Wally, you left out the fact that Hamiton has the largest ever man-made ditches. The fact that the Miami River can fit inside it is very impressive.

And the home of the very few fully operational bell towers.

Ditch Diggers and Bell ringers.. wow.. Hamiltucky.. indeed. A great place to Be (from)

04-18-2006, 12:07 AM
You're not going to believe this one:

Hamiltucky.com (http://hamiltucky.com)

It has a few forums and is a listing of Hamiltucky Stuff...

'was merely surfing by and thought I'd toss that into the mix.

Hamilton, Ohio - City of Statues

04-18-2006, 04:44 AM
Fred my one daughter lives in Pennslytuckey. It seems to be a put down on Kentucky, it seems the Horses are the pure breds in Kentucky.####

04-18-2006, 04:56 AM
Dick, somebody dug up a 3 yr old thread.....ain't seen Fred around here for some time now

Rich R.
04-18-2006, 06:35 AM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote wolfdancer:</font><hr> Dick, somebody dug up a 3 yr old thread.....ain't seen Fred around here for some time now <hr /></blockquote>Wolf, Fred is definitely still here. He is just using an alias. /ccboard/images/graemlins/grin.gif