View Full Version : More Repair Questions

03-27-2002, 04:48 PM
Well, the repair are going great, I am getting orders all the time, I have 3 orders for sneaky petes right now, and I am making a shaft for a guy. Well, The question is, I am matching the shaft to his cue, and the butt has a small whit ring inside of 2 black tubes, Well, if I try to sand down the tube to match, the white gets all full of black. And I can't work out from the white as it is soo small, also I don't not have an air blower, which , from what I here, takes care of all the problems. I have just ordered a ton of supplies which should be in by Friday, when I make money I always put half of it towards the biz... and that seems to work well as I am getting a HUGE Order in for supplies (IE: Shafts, Ferrule, tips, cleaner, sealer, ect...)

03-28-2002, 12:19 AM
When you sand always go FROM the light color to the dark. In the case of a light colored ring in the middle of 2 black rings,DON'T move your sandpaper from side to side. For example sand from the shaft TOWARDS the black rings, then stop, find a clean spot on the sandpaper & sand the rings without moveing. Then pick a clean spot on the paper & sand FROM the forearm to the rings...JER