View Full Version : jewett jacksonville proj.

03-28-2002, 12:03 AM
sent my check, few days later got my tape. kewl. notice the check has yet to clear. dr. jewett, you are a trusting soul.

the jacksonville project:

a few years ago, an intrepid crew of poolsters contrived to rent a super high speed video rig so as to capture the visual truth of what happens in pool collisions.


talk about dull. well, ok it's supposed to be dull. no audio, just close-ups of things colliding verrry slowwly. interesting.

i always thought that the cue tip compressed a whole lot more than it does. less tip is on the ball than i thought.

among y'all who have studied the tape; what else did you see ??

dan...just getting started. the notes have cue names on them. hah!