View Full Version : Durbin vs Coleman - my loss at VNEA

06-04-2003, 12:18 PM
I wrote a couple days ago about the win I had staking Larry Nevel at the VNEA in Vegas. here is the other part of my pool wager story. Its Friday about 4:00, my team had just gotten put out of the open tourney at the rivera. I start talking to a guy on another team that tells me there is going to be a high stakes bank game in the room behind the splash bar at 6:00 that night ( Tony Coleman playing Eric Durbin).

Earlier in the week I had heard that Tony had come to play a Fifty ??? dollar bank set against Toby. Not sure Toby's last name but he owns the cue club in Vegas. Anyway Toby was having some family issues so he decided not to play. I hadn't heard of Tony before, but several people told me that he has a lot of money and doesn't mind playing for high stakes.
I knew Eric was a good banker because he came through my home town about a year earlier and beat a couple of our best bankers pretty easily.

I go down to the splash bar and there is Tony practicing on one of the four tables in the room. He is firing all his banks at break speed and only making about one out of four.
Someone says Eric is on his way. Tony starts talking to another guy in the room and says that eric beat him out of 20 ??? last time they played. He also says he went out partying the night before and hasn't been to sleep yet. I could tell he was telling the truth by looking at him, he looked pretty wired, at one point he just layed down on the floor while he was waiting for Eric.
I figure its a can't loose bet and when I find out Tony is giving Eric 6 to 5 in a short rack game I figure I'm stealing.
Eric shows up about 10 minutes later and they decide to play 400 a game. Tony also says anyone else can bet if they liked. Myself and about three others take bets on Eric. It totals to where Tony is playing 1300 a game, short rack bank.

Eric says to make sure that if the rail wins they give him a snap, he said when the rail won 15??? last time the only gave him about 1000. That was fine with me because I'm always pretty generous if a player wins for me.
Well the game starts and Tony is still banking at about 20 miles an hour, however he is making a larger percentage of his attempts. Tony wins 4 of the first 5 games but they are all very tight. Tony starts making some nice two rail twist banks and some three and for railers. When he misses he is not leaving Eric much. I could see Eric is getting a little Frustrated. The next game Tony baks three and misses leaving a tough attempt for Eric. Eric walks up and one strokes it and fires a crooss long rail bank, he then one strokes four more into the center of the pockets.
I figure Eric is starting to get a feal for his game so I bump my bet with tony by 100.
But it was not to be, Tony continued to twist banks in and leeve eric tough when he missed. He one thee of the next four and Eric pulled up at five games stuck. Even though Eric had won the singles open tourney for $4000 a few days earier, someone said they seen him blow a bunch on the crap table. Even though I lost a little I still thought it was a good bet because if Eric wins the upside of what tony would lose is pretty big. Plus I had fun watching..