View Full Version : Dunk Hunt and other games...

06-04-2003, 01:31 PM
Duck Hunt Remember shooting at your screen with that good old Nintendo gun?* This version is almost an exact replica of the original.
My best 5000 points, i was never very good at this game...

Duck Hunt (http://www.cyberiapc.com/flashgames/duckhunt2.swf)

Pong What can I say. It's a classic that refuses to go away.* Fun nevertheless.

Pong (http://www.cyberiapc.com/flashgames/pong.htm)

Donkey Kong A very addictive game that looks and plays almost exactly like the original.* I remember playing this game for hours back in the old days.* Too bad there's only one level.* The scoring and life ups are also useless.
hahah i love this game
Donkey Kong (http://www.cyberiapc.com/flashgames/donkeykong.htm)