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06-05-2003, 04:35 AM
Patriot Cup Smack Talk
Patriot Cup Smack Talk:

The Fury North will have something to prove as they are the underdogs by their loss last year to the Southern boys. Big guns Cory Deuel and Rodney Morris will add a powerful punch this year to the Northern arsenal. Veteran player and team captain Allen Hopkins will use his strategic thinking in putting the talent of the team to good use.

The Lucasi South has a new player in Johnny Archer. Archer is red hot of late coming off some big wins in the last 3 months. Nick Varner who is now Team Captain will attempt to lead the South to another victory over the North.

Some players have some strong words to say...

"We have an awful good team. It'll be hard for anybody to beat us, especially a bunch of kids." - Buddy Hall - Lucasi South

"You guys are going to lose...Sorry Charlie." -Mika Immonen -Fury North

"The South will rise again!" - Johnny Archer

"It's going to be just like the Civil War all over again. The North beating down the South. Those old guys should know that...weren't they around back then?" - Rodney Morris -Fury North

The showdown will start June 13 at Planet 9-Ball 813-891-1450