View Full Version : Happy with 3 and out!

phil in sofla
06-05-2003, 02:36 PM
We have an amateur only tour going on in south Florida, where they keep out most of the top A players/semi-pros, but still have a pretty stout field. They're non-handicapped races to 7 on the winners side, races to 5 on the losers side, double elimination, and the winners of the winners side and losers side play a single race to 9 for the finals.

I've entered four events and gone TWO and out three times, only once getting to a hill-hill situation (and losing that). Last Saturday, I won my first match on the double hill, and so got another longer race to 7 my second match (lost 7-4 to the eventual winner of the winners bracket), and lost my first losers side match 5-2 to one of the previous winners in this tour (who cashed a few times in the old Florida pro tour, not as a winner, but in the money).

While this was still almost as bad as I could do, it felt a lot different and better, even if I was still maybe 3 match wins out of the money, or worse.

Even getting my brains beat in by these guys is valuable, as I get to play better players and see their strategies and moves on the table. The very next day I found my game had improved, playing more the way these guys played, and without any conscious decision on my part to do so, I was hitting more softly and smoothly, more rolling balls, less juice and pace on the balls, making pocketing and running out easier.

I notice the same thing after viewing tapes with great players, but I don't tend to watch those repeatedly, and so the 'training' effect diminishes over time. Getting into tournaments, on the other hand, I can do regularly, probably weekly if I want, and I'm going to make doing that a priority, as well as reviewing my various tapes for a third/fourth go-round.

Apart from getting personal instruction, these are probably the two greatest improvement courses of action anyone can take.