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06-05-2003, 04:32 PM
With apologies to the septuagenarian gentleman, a retired Air Force fighter jet pilot and systems engineer, that authored this for another site:

What is "The CCB"?

It is often a window on the souls of its members.

And a window on our own souls is often opened when we read what

Others write here.

It is lessons on life......"and pool"

Chess strategies.

Investment in markets, life, family, nation and the future.

It can be and often is profound and superficial; deep and shallow

and always enlightening, even when a writer may not be.

It sends out tendrils seeking answers and finds them, coiled about

ideas we would never have found alone.

The CCB lives and throbs with the insights, prejudices, wants and

experiences of the members.

There is a selection process at work here, as some find an

intellectual home ... others move in for a while and then move on.

Those who remain don't always agree and contention boils up, simmers

and fades, sometimes leaving a residue of hostility but never, never boredom.

The CCB is ephemeral.

Although there are rumors that somewhere everything ever posted on

the Web is archived, the sheer quantity of material generated makes that

less than credible.

So our moving fingers write, and having writ move on, leaving little

more than fading memories, but building new ideas and broadening the

thinking of we who read, and answer, and ponder, blending what is read

into a tapestry that, but for the CCB would never have been woven.

Surely we, the weavers are much the better for it, and must

acknowledge the debt each of us owes to each other, and to the two who first spread

the warp and the woof.
The above article with the word "list" replaced by "CCB" was copied from the dailyspeculations site