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06-20-2003, 08:35 AM
For your followup questions.....I did followup half way. I spoke with the owner but have not gotten back to Mr. Lee.

Hourly rate is as follows: $3/hr for one; $5/hr for two; $6.75/hr for three; $8/hr for four. We also have the option of doing a flat rate per hour.

The charges to Mr. Lee were $10 per hour, plus tax....I'm don't recall the exact time that he utilized the table, hence the charge of $44. The computer charges by every ten minutes after the initial 1/2 hour.

Thanks to all who understood where our pool room is "coming from" and also thanks to everyone that have requested information from me. Now I take leave of you and get back to the tasks at hand (namely work!)

C ya at the tables!!!

Rich R.
06-20-2003, 09:29 AM
Manager, I'm sorry, but I can't agree with charging Mr. Lee and his student more than the normal $5/hr for two players.

Your business is renting tables. Mr. Lee and his student should be able to rent one of your tables for the same rate as anyone else.
The fact that Mr. Lee is making some money is not material.
If someone is gambling on one of your tables, and making money, do you charge them $10/per hour, instead of $5. I think not. /ccboard/images/graemlins/confused.gif

The Watchdog
06-20-2003, 10:24 AM
This particular post has a long history...Took an hour to catch up. Very interesting, the argument for and against charging an instructor who generates revenue extra dollars. Of course the business in this or any case is free to charge what it wants, but I see that is irrelevant to the argument. Obviously if the instructor had his own studio, and his own table, that is where the lesson would take place. This is not the scenario with this traveling instructor.

In business, there is always "overhead" of some sort. The instructor has the price of video tape, staff cost(his fee), and the amortization of the cost of the video camera. His expense sheet would include travel dollars, and lodging dollars.

The room has "overhead" too. Staff cost, rent, utilities, amortization of equipment and fixtures(incl tables).

Each of these two businesses has done their best to keep costs down, I assume, and revenue up. If the instructor can find a better deal on "rent" to house a particular lesson, power to him. And if the room can generate more revenue by charging an additional amount, power to it.

It seems each business must choose their best course of action in adapting to changing market conditions.

As an outsider, I think if they team up, the best results can occur. They are both after similar things - people being interested in pool, and furthering their knowledge and enjoyment of it. Certainly one of the parties can come up with an agreeable way to benefit each to satisfactory levels.

It seems to fall in the instructors hands, for in his travels he would come across many rooms, so if he could come up with something that used the rooms dynamically, rather than statically, he would seem to be much farther ahead. It may be as simple as a poster and a sign up sheet for the next visit, with some good word of mouth from the room's existing and ongoing staff. He could allocate the room some " advertising dollars", and then the room could be happy, but also paid for their participation in the instructor's business.

Or something like that.

Scott Lee
07-03-2003, 09:08 PM
Jeri...I have always enjoyed coming into your room. You can be assured that in any future lessons, the student will be responsible for the table time, so you are free to charge whatever you choose. However, I would not be surprised that future students will choose to have their lessons somewhere else, where they will not be charged such a high hourly fee.

Scott Lee

07-04-2003, 05:15 AM
Along the same line, scott and I went to a pool hall yesterday that has the nicest 9 foots in town. I went up to the front, told them Scott would be giving the lesson, I was the one playing. They were were nice to charge me only the one person rate. It was within their right to charge for two, but they charged only for one. Rates here are $7 per hour most places, so we thought that this was very nice of them.

We could have done the lesson on my home table, but I wanted this lesson on the best tables, since I was working on getting that cueball hit such that I was seeing the true center.

I do also believe that the student should be responsible for the table rates and had told scott that I would be paying this. It is not right for scott to have to pay this. He has to make a living too and does not charge much per hour as it is.

Scott was great, I learned a lot, and as usual great fun.He is such a good guy and personally think that his presence in any pool hall could do nothing but benefit their business.