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Ralph S.
06-22-2003, 07:59 AM
I just finished reading the last of my July BD mag. Great article on the subject of women vs. men titled "What Gender Gap?" Have any of you read it yet? What is your take or opinions of the article and the subject itself? I know this debate has taken place many times before here, but with inside information that we may/may not have had in the past discussions, does your opinions change?

What about a televised "Battle of the Sexes" involving the top five men vs. top five women as the article suggests. I think it would be very cool. I would even spring for pay per view if necessary.

06-22-2003, 08:23 AM
I would like to see that one myself, even if I had to install a dish to see it.

06-23-2003, 07:59 AM
I thought it was a very interesting article (great cover pics too /ccboard/images/graemlins/wink.gif )
Allison had some very interesting stories about her snooker days. I'd also like to know how the korean dragon will pay off his bet (Charlie PM me and I'll send you my address!), since Karen has already beaten severel of the top 32, including Mika and Jim Rempe and just went to the HILL against Bustemante!!
I also agree with some of the conclusions, that it is a matter of numbers...I would guess there is maybe one female who picks up a cue seriously to every 100 men....

I also TRUELY believe if Allison ever seriously decided to take on the men, she could hang in the top 10. That is just MO but I base it on her amazing mechanics/tecnique. Unfortantly, just like we'll never know how Jean B. would fare int today's WPBA, we will probably never know about this.

Since I still play men all the time, I can relate, I have heard the excuses, including the ever popular "I can't play women..." in which I reply "Lucky me!" he he he.

06-23-2003, 08:35 AM
I thought the article was very interesting. Seems as if a lot of the men don't think the women can keep up with them, and a lot of the women feel there is no reason to play in men's events. Given the fact the the ladies seem to have their organization running very well, regular stops, tv coverage, while the men continue to remain in a somewhat chaotic state (how many posts are there running here about the UPA mess?)I see no reason for any of the ladies to jump ship to play against the guys. Karen manages to get into a few events and usually does quite well. The last time I remember Allison playing in an open event, I believe she knocked TK out of his own tournament to take the top spot. I think there are a lot of men that might not want to admit that there are quite a few females who might be quite able to get into the money, and probably make a few of them look pretty bad in the process.

Personally I would love to see them all compete on occasion, but I don't see it happening on a regular basis anytime soon.

06-23-2003, 09:47 AM
"Seems as if a lot of the men don't think the women can keep up with them, and a lot of the women feel there is no reason to play in men's events."


It always ends with this result. My guess is that Corr will be our most likely testing ground being that she is apparently accepting the challenge of playing in the men's events, and I truly believe it is showing in her game today. There one good reason I can see to play against the men...to test yourself against better players(yes men are better until proven differently.) Today most of the ladies want to leave the co-ed trials to our imaginations, and I suppose that may be "less threatening" and more lucrative, but is it also avoidance of possibly proving that there really is a vast difference today between men and women pool players that dominates the reasons? Karen's gonna maybe shed a little light as time goes along, and maybe even coax a few of the other WPBA players into the men's events by her increasing strength. Hell she's good to begin with,,,where will her talent, mental level, and physical level go by continuously joining in against the men? Betcha it goes far past her other lady contenders, quickly.

I'd love to see the battle of the sexes. I personally feel it would be good for all of the billiard industry. I hope it happens...sid

06-23-2003, 12:38 PM
When I used to compete at karate tournaments, the sexes were always kept separate and to me, and I know maybe I am the minority, I did like competing with men, which i only got to do at our school. In a sport where physical strength did matter, to beat a man, you had to make up for it in other ways like skill, speed etc.

I would like to see some co-ed pool events, if for no other reason than to settle the question once and for all in the minds of many. In apa, we do have some high ranked women who do beat men at there same rank. Not nearly as many women but I do believe that they can win.

I am seeing in 9ball tournaments, 3-4 balls going down on 9ball breaks by women. Pretty exciting. I think this sort of thing will challenge women to be even better.