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06-30-2003, 04:45 PM
If some of you are like me you believe all the politicos
should be place in a bag a drowned like poisonous snakes.

If I ask myself what I want from the government it is: Security, the best military, the fairest courts and police,
no coporate crime, great highways and a laundry list of many
things and may not exclude a patridge in a pear tree.

Now if you ask me do I think the politicos are making too muchmondey, selling out and stealing I would say yes.

Do I want all the govenment services - YES! Do I want to
pay for them - NOOOOO! - Do I mind if you all pay for them,
oh yes Please!!

Do we receive the type of government we deserve? After all
the politicos come from amoung us. Not from the alien planet of politicos.


So what is the the answer? Well it would seem to be a good
question. The answer is according to any indidivual view at that particular time, place and happening.

Just for the heck of,