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03-31-2002, 09:18 PM
For Immediate Release;

Q-Master Billiards

With Diamond Billiard Products,Inc. , The City of Chesapeake, Virginia, Iwan Simonis

& many additional Sponsors



2002 U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships

September 23rd – 29th

Chesapeake Conference Center

Chesapeake, VA.

Barry Behrman is proud to announce the 27th annual U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships, which will again be held at the Chesapeake Conference Center in Chesapeake, Virginia. Entry fee is $500.00 and is due by September 9th. Entry fees after September 9th will be charged an additional $50.00 in administrative costs. The field will be open to 256 players only! It will not be extended and there will be NO EXCEPTIONS! Player entry fees may either be mailed in or called in with a credit card. For credit card sales there is an additional $15.00 processing fee. If you mail in a player entry fee and the field is full (256), your check will immediately be returned. Mail your entry fee to Q-Master Billiards, Attention: U.S.Open, 5612-A Princess Anne Road, Virginia Beach, VA. 23462. Call in your entry fee with your credit card from noon to 7:30 pm EST Monday through Saturday to (757) 499-8908.

Continuing a U.S. Open tradition, a player’s wife (Must have same last name or a marriage certificate as proof will be accepted) will be allowed one free general admission pass or they may upgrade to a VIP seat and deduct $50.00 from the price of that seat. Additionally, players will be allowed an opportunity to purchase a single general admission seat (one only) at the discounted price of $50.00 for anyone. Both of these offers will only be good during the player’s registration & meeting.

Added money will be a minimum of $40,000.00 regardless of the number of players. With 228 players, the minimum is $45,000.00 and with 256 players the minimum is $52,000.00. First place will take home $40,000.00 .

Barry will also pay the entrance fee for all former champions. Former champs are {Defending Champion, Cory Deuel}, Mike Sigel (1976-80-83), Allen Hopkins (1977-81), Steve Mizerak (1978), Davis Howard (1982-86), Nick Varner (1989-90), Earl Strickland (1984-87-93-97-&-2000), Jimmy Reid (1985), Buddy Hall (1991-98), Efren Reyes (1994), Mike LeBron (1988), Tommy Kennedy (1992), Reed Pierce (1995), Rodney Morris (1996), Johnny Archer (1999), and Louis Roberts (1979 – deceased).

Billiard room owners that wish to run qualifiers may do so on their own without prior consent from Q-Master Billiards. However, Q-Master requires a fax notification of your intentions (757) 499-8941.

VIP seating is on sale at the following rates. Premier VIP is $200.00 and Standard VIP is $150.00. Visit Q-Masters.com and look at the seating matrix to decide which seats you would like. However, you must then call (757) 499-8908 between the hours of Noon and 7:30 pm EST Monday through Saturday to lock in and pay for your seat as this is the only way ensure that the seat you want is available. You must do this with a credit card because seats are sold to first paid first locked in. No seats can be reserved awaiting payment. There are 8 Seating Sections. When you call in your seat reservation, you will need to know the name of the sponsored section, the row and the physical number of the seat(s) that you would like. Seating Sponsors for the 2002 U.S.Open are Josey Custom Cues, Inside Pool Magazine, Billiard Cue.com, Capone Custom Cues, Ted Harris Custom Cues, Phoenix Custom Cues, and the Last section to be announced on the web

All seats, both VIP and general admission are comfortable chairs, no bleacher seats and VIP seats have table tops. First paid, first choice of seat selection. Please understand that the cost of providing these comfortable seats is enormous and continues to rise yearly, which is why the price has increased.

There will be no advance sales of general admission seating. You may purchase general admission tickets daily at $10.00 for all day sessions and $10.00 for all night sessions. The conference Center ticket counter will open daily at 10:00 am beginning Monday.

The players meeting, deadline and draw will be Sunday, September 22nd at 6:00 pm. The event is 7 days long to eliminate the need for the late night matches. Barry Behrman and the Chesapeake Conference Center will provide food and beverage at this meeting. Play begins on Monday, September 23rd at 11:00 am.

Match times through Saturday are 11:00 am, 1:00 pm & 3:00 pm for matinee and 7:00 pm, 9:00 pm, & 11:00 pm for the evening sessions. Sunday is finals day. Match times are Noon, 2:00 pm, 4:00 pm (semi finals) and 7:00 pm (finals).

There will be 16 beautiful high quality Diamond Pro pool tables on the floor and 2 in the practice room with Simonis 860 cloth and Pro Aramith ball sets. This is a great time to purchase one of these superior quality tables as they are on sale during this event. Normally $6500.00 or more, they are selling for $4,000.00 each. Contact Q-Masters at (757) 499-8940 for additional information. Those not sold will be returned immediately to the manufacturer. Should you wish to purchase a quality cue, case or other billiard related item, there will be 30 vendors from around the country available for you.

During the event, there will be a stupendous lunch and dinner buffet set up daily. Lunch will be from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm and dinner from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

The Holiday Inn is the host hotel (757) 523-1500. Special U.S. Open rates are $79.00 for a single or double room. Also available is the Hampton Inn at (757) 420-1550. U.S. Open rates are $69.00 for a single or double room. Don’t forget to ask for U.S. Open rates. After September 9th, normal rates apply.

My entire staff and I once again look forward to seeing all of you here at the U.S. Open. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all as you travel to and from this event and we wish you a safe journey. The entire billiard community is fully aware that YOU are the very best and most appreciative fans in the world! I thank you all!

Barry Behrman – Founder & Promoter

Scott Smith – Tournament Director

The Official Tip Tool of the 2002 U.S.Open is the Tip-Pik, by Billiardsexpress.com

The Official TIP of the 2002 U.S.Open is Talisman Tips, TalismanBilliards.com

Other sponsors to be named at q-masters.com

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Any questions or concerns contact either 757-499-8908, Monday–Saturday 12pm-7pm EST,

Or you email Brady Behrman

www.Q-Masters.com (http://www.Q-Masters.com)