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L.S. Dennis
07-07-2003, 12:03 AM
This was actually part of a post I submitted earlier but I thought I'd put it up again for some who might have missed it and would be interested in this true story. Enjoy it, these things are always fun to read about!

Regarding Efren and Allison, although there's no question he would beat her with SOME kind of spot,but the 6 out may be a tall order.

That being said let me just relate a true story which took place at a Filipino pool room near here in Daly City Ca a couple of years ago. In this room there was a local Filipino one pocket player who had his stakehorse there one night (a Filipino doctor) and Efren dropped in for the evening. Immediately they began talking about some kind of game at which point Efren offered some kind of an unbelievble spot, I want to say something like 11-4 or some thing like that. The local player told his stakehorse doctor that there was no way he could lose with that. The doctor said "go ahead and play him with that". Well I guess everyone can pretty much immagine what happened next. Seeing he couldn't beat Efen in a traditional way he started playing Efren safe only to find Efren could have taught something to Hodini about getting out of tight spots and in the process leaving him in jail at the same time.
Well the story ends here pretty much, the local hot shot one pocket player along with his stakehorse doctor bailed out after having lost several hundred to Efren.

End of true story

07-07-2003, 12:38 PM
Great story !! I would have loved to see that ...

Cueless Joey
07-07-2003, 01:27 PM
Efren, his road manager and I were at Hollywood Billiards one night back years ago. The owner introduced one player to him. The owner tells Efren the gentleman plays 3-cushion billiards. The player asks Efren for a billiard game. Efren obliges. We go upstairs. Race to 35 points for a couple of bills. I asked Efren where we are going to get a billiard cue. He says he has to play with his Meucci since he was under contract with them. I was flabbergasted. His Meucci had his skinny taper. It would surely buckle on those heavy billiard balls. So they start playing. Efren tells me he hasn't played 3 cushion billiards in more than a DECADE.
Efren beats the gentleman. Efren had a six-point high run.
He beat him 35-28.