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07-08-2003, 05:35 AM
World 9-Ball Rules - Link & Letter

Here's the link to the BCA / World Standardized Rules page.
http://www.bca-pool.com/play/ Click. game rules on the left, then click on World standardized. 1st read the World Standardized Rules message written by John Lewis then in the rules box read or print out General Rules Of Pocket
Billiards then read or print the 9-Ball Rules.

You will find these BCA/WS rules are very detailed and easy to understand.

Also, below is a copy of the letter about World Standardized Rules.

I hope every Tour and Tournament in the US starts using them. They are already in use by the Viking Tour and Falcon Tour.

Cue Sports have exploded worldwide! Organizing the expansion in the numbers of people playing, and standardizing the formats and rules being used for
the greater amount of competitions have become a necessary and responsible challenge.

The World Confederation of Billiard Sports delivered the first-ever official application for recognition of cue sports to the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne, Switzerland, in September, 1992. Since that time the
Billiard Congress of America (representing the various federations of North America) has worked in cooperation with the other confederations of WPA - the European Pocket Billiard Federation (representing 24 national federations), the Asian Pocket Billiard Union (representing 7 national
federations), and the Astralasian Pool Association (representing 2 national federations) to produce the first-ever world standardized rules for the major tournament games:

In order to promote the standardized rules throughout the various countries and languages, a moratorium on future rules changes is necessary. With the consistency in rules now stabilized in the three most prevalent "competition" games in the sport, the BCA in cooperation with the mandates
of the World Pool-Billiard Association has agreed on a moratorium on changes to the rules for a period of 5 years - through the end of 2005.

The WPA Board and the annually held WPA General Assembly will consider amendments to the rules, but only in proposals strengthening the textual interpretation of a rule so it is better understood - not a change in the
spirit of the rule itself.

The Billiard Congress of America is proud to make these rules available on the Internet. You will find that the interest of the sport is best served both recreationally and competitively when you play by the official rules.

~John Lewis
BCA League and Program Director
WPA Secretary

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Mike Janis
The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour
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