View Full Version : Kato vs. Rackmup: The Aftermath...

07-19-2003, 02:49 PM
As the sun settled on the quaint little berg known a Pompano Beach on July 18th so did the hopes and aspirations of Ken to maintain control over the bragging rights that he had earned some months earlier in Fort Myers.

Kato, aka RJ, the once disheveled hull of a man, the talent-less, crooked shooting wannabee of a pool player has finally emerged as a man of tremendous talent.

Perhaps it is the Florida sunshine or the lessons from Scott Lee, I'm not sure. But, I am sure of this:

I no longer deserve to have my stroke compared to that of McCready. It would be more appropriate to describe it as suffering a stroke. My apologies to my pool idol, Mr. McCready.

Folks...I simply couldn't close this guy out. My plan was to win one of the two sets of either 8-ball or 9-ball. This would force a tiebreaking race-to-5 set of one pocket. Doing this would ensure me certain victory but alas, it wasn't in the cards.

I didn't win one set. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

I tried everything. In four days we had less than a total of 14 hours sleep. We easily consumed 20 pitchers of beer and woofed at each other like two dogs on short leashes.

Nothing worked.

I now concede the throne of semi-faux greatness to RJ Benoit. Pool Player Extraordinaire. The Champ.

On a brighter and more reflective note:

Kato was a terrific host, picking me up at my hotel each night, grabbing a little dinner and playing pool till closing hours at Breaker's Billiards (there is a red head who works there who I might be in love with.)

We had a great time. Kato showed me there was no lead that could be deemed insurmountable. I showed him there is NO shot that cannot be accomplished with a jump cue. He taught me the values of pacing myself while consuming vast quantities of hops and barley. I taught him the joy of a hard break and a good cut shot.

In the end, a friendship was further solidified. I tucked my tail appropriately between my legs and sulked off knowing I had brought joy to RJ's life while suffering tremendous pains in mine (I hate losing.)

The next battle of the same epic proportions will ensue August 19-22. I will practice. I will get better. I will order non-alcohol beer.


Ken (Humbled...? Nah!)