View Full Version : World Championship Semi-Final Results

07-19-2003, 03:17 PM
Alex Pagulayan of Canada beat Malta's top snooker professional (and former World top 10 snooker player) Tony Drago 11 - 6 in Cardiff. He will meet Thorsten Hohmann who beat Earl Strickland 11 - 4 in the tonight's second semi-final.

Alex was consistantly better in the first semi, with Drago appearing more than a little 'flat' - his break didn't work and all the work he put in over the last couple of months playing 9-ball with some of the London pros didn't seem to work at all tonight.

In the second semi, Earl was simply played off the table. Hohmann, although he made a couple of errors that could be put down to nerves, had his break going and was 9 - 2 up before anyone knew what had happened.

Should be a cracking final. Personally, I think Alex will take it, but only just. I think 17 - 13 or 17 - 14.