View Full Version : Scott... I know who "ANONYMOUS" is

04-02-2002, 12:11 PM
Remember that real short skinny guy that kept loosing the 10.00 games at the Long Bar a few years ago?
To refresh your memory...He had a loud mouth and talked with a lisp.
Also, Do you remember how he kept getting powder all over the table?
You told him "If he kept it up you were gonna make him lick it off"?
And He was using that stupid two- toned K-Mart stick? remember now?
The other thing was how he kept bridging off his knuckles. Each time this guy took a shot, he either mis-cued or scratched...remember? The funniest thing was when he wanted to stand on a chair so he could see the balls better when he racked.
Yup! that's him...look at each word in his posts real carefully. He gave himself away.
What a joke!
I'd like to watch him at a table again. Just for the entertainment value if nothing else.

Good to see you here.


Scott Lee
04-03-2002, 01:30 AM
Regardless of who this particular 'anonymous' is, makes no difference to me. I hold no grudges against anyone, and EVERYBODY has a perfect right to say what's on their mind. That's one the things that makes this board GREAT! However, your description does paint a very funny portrait!

Scott Lee