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04-02-2002, 10:50 PM
How about we all give our product lineup like u see on the Golf Channel after someone wins a tournament.

Here is mine:

playing cue: Schon STL3
break cue: Cuetech with jump detachment
playing tip: Le Pro
breaking tip: Le Pro
glove: yes- Sir Joseph (only when hands perspire or debris gets on shaft)
bridge: yes- attachment that fits on end of break cue...looks like a bat)
case: Porper
chalk: Master
scuffer: Willard Tapper/shaper
clean cue with:Q-smooth Micro-burnishing Film
clean ferrule with: toothpaste
best game: 9-ball

That's about all I can think of for now.
Just interested in what u guys use

The Cuemage

04-02-2002, 11:24 PM
Here is mine:

playing cue: Robin Pierpoint custom 19 oz
break cue: Viking VM24 19 oz
playing tip: 12mm Le Pro
breaking tip: 13mm Le Pro
glove: no
bridge: closed approx. 70% of the time
case: Stratford 2x4
chalk: Master
scuffer: Tip-Pik
clean cue with: white powdered bleach, buff with undyed leather, and seal with carnuba wax, about every 6 months
clean ferrule with: toothpaste
best game: 8-ball
favorite game: 9-ball
favorite saying: If you're on, keep shooting. If you aren't, keep shooting til you are.

04-02-2002, 11:48 PM
Playing cue. Meucci (Joss 20.5 oz, is being repaired)21 oz
Breaking cue. Bludworth sneaky pete.. 19 oz
Playing tip. Talisman.. Pro Hard
Breaking tip. Same
NO Glove
Case. Instroke, Buffalo 2x4
Chalk. Masters Blue
Tip shaper. Williards
Best game. 14.1 (high run 42)
favorite saying.. "Do all your thinking, standing UP"

04-04-2002, 01:35 AM
Playing Cue...Lucasi L2010 18.5 oz. w/ Predator Shaft /Le Pro tip 12.75mm...Back-up Cue...19oz.13mm Huebler AS3 WB tip

Break Cue...Predator BK 18 oz. with Moori med. hard tip

Jump Cue...Lucasi JC2000

Case...Instroke 3x5 Leather Cowboy (brown & black)

Cue Maintenance...Williard tip shaper,Tip-Pic,Porper burnisher,Q-silk

Cue Holder...The Gripper


Favorite Game...Nine Ball

Shoots Right Handed....Left in leiu of bridge

Favorite Shot...Hanging Nine Ball

Hates...Unsolicited Advice

11-03-2002, 11:36 AM
Well here is mine

Playing cue: Meucci 21b
Break cue: Old AMF (new joint and harder tip for breaking)
Jump Cue: Cocobolo Bunjee Jumper
Playing tip: My brand spanking new Talisman
Breaking tip: Not sure
Glove: NO
Bridge: yes - I use the house or Rackmups little mock up contraption (he says it is the original)
Case: Porper 2b/4s
Chalk: Master (soft green kind)
Scuffer: Tip Pik
Clean cue with: Towel from bathroom
Clean ferrule with: Just wipe it with my finger after I chalk (only if i made a mess)
Best game: 9-ball. The most I have ever broke and run out was one game (not very often, can't wait to string two racks together)

that is what i got (?have)


9 Ball Girl
11-03-2002, 12:17 PM
I'll add:

Playing Cue: Viking K11 (Leopard Lady) 19oz (I'm getting a Predator soon)
Break Cue: Custom made Break/Jump Cue by Paul DeLillo 19oz
Playing Tip: Le Pro
Breaking Tip: Le Pro
Bridge: The Spinali Bridge Head (yes it looks like a bat)
Case: Porper 2x4
Chalk: Master
Accessories: Ultimate Tip Tool, The Tip Pik, Shaft Slicker
Clean Cue with: whatever Pauly uses. Otherwise a towel will do. Oh yeah, Naz's 3 paper smoothing thing
Clean Butt with: Butcher's Wax (courtesy of nAz)
Fave Game(s): 9 Ball, 14.1, 8 Ball
Danglies: a 9ball keychain top pocket and my CCB keychain at bottom pocket of my case
And best of all, I've got this sticker on my case:

11-03-2002, 02:05 PM
P/C Schön 19.04 oz 13.25 mm shafts
Snooker cue- Willie Hoppie- 17 oz 12.5 mm shafts
B/C Old Joss
J/C cut off Mc Dermott-you got to use them for something
Tip WB
Bridge- house
Case Porper- 3x6
Chalk-Masters or National
Scuffer- Williard-don't tap the darn thing-knurl it
Clean cue & wrap- denatured alcohol
Clean ferrule- no, don't chalk the ferrule, only the tip
Best game, hard to say
High run- 9 racks in 9 ball one on the snap- the guy quit- AKA St Louis Louie
14-1- Tournament 113 and out
8 Ball 6 racks- 3 one handed- it was one of those nights
1P out from the break, not sure how many
Golf 6 and out from the break-several times on a 10 footer, twice on a 12 footer. 5 and out, to many times to count.
Miscellaneous- wish I could still play a little

11-04-2002, 07:47 AM
playing cue: Blackheart with 314 shaft
break cue: Showcase
playing tip: Talisman MH
breaking tip: Le Pro
glove: none
bridge: none
case: 2 X 4 vinyl
chalk: Master
scuffer: Tip pik and willard
clean cue with:lighter fluid, 90% IPA, water
clean ferrule with: toothpaste
best game: 1 pocket