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07-31-2003, 08:03 PM
We finally broke down and bought Dish for our house. BUT, now we have another building on our property that we'd like to have Dish in.

What options are there?

People with normal houses have one Dish and several black boxes. But, it really isn't feasible to run a wire from this antenna over to the other building.

Is the only option to buy another Dish and another black box and pay twice as much every month to have the Dish in both buildings?

I've seen where you can buy a Dish antenna, and I've seen where you can buy a black box. Why can't I just buy the two parts and get it "free"?

Cueless Joey
08-01-2003, 12:45 PM
Every box needs a card. You can't move a card to another box because the card is married to the box.
The cheapest option is to buy a dish at the swapmeet or Fleabay. Install it and move the same box around. To make the moving easier, get quick-RF connectors so you don't have to keep spinning the cable ends to unplug/replug them.
If you want to get an almost free second box, call Dish and threaten them you're switching to Direct b/c you can get a second box for free. Have them send you another box, you'll pay about 5 dollars more a month to activate it.
Take that box to the other building and buy yourself a cheap dish. They only go for around 40-50 dollars on Fleabay. Direct tv's dish works for Dish and vice-versa.
Dishes sell for around 30 dollars at the swap meet.

08-01-2003, 03:37 PM
Thanks, Cueless Joey. I think you've inadvertently (or maybe verdently) answered my question.

In essence, what I need to do is get a second "legitimate" box for the house like normal people, but then attach the second one to a different physical Dish antenna, which is actually in a different building.

As weird as it sounds, this really was one of those "ah ha" moments for me! So simple once you know it, but more difficult if you don't.

08-02-2003, 12:19 AM
I have a dish on my RV. It cost me $6.00 a month extra. When we are home, I set up the dish in my office. No problem.

08-02-2003, 06:00 PM
This depends somewhat on what level of programming you have. Most of the free Dish offers provide at least two receivers for free as long as you get programming for one year. You get only one dish, however. The lowest level of programming can be received by either a Dish Network dish or a Direct TV dish.

They are throwing Direct TV dishes away around here. I got one at the dump last week and it works fine on Dish. I still have another extra one that I don't need that someone found and gave to me.

If you are getting the Fox sports you need one LNB pointed to the satellite at 110 degrees west. Then if you want the lower tier programming you need a second LNB at 119 degrees west and only the Dish dish will work (dual LNB).

If you must buy a second receiver, Sears had them for $60 but you should be able to get a free one. I have 3 Dish receivers and I'm running one off a Direct TV dish pointed at 110 west.

It's only $5 for a second receiver that mirrors your first receiver. The antenna you need depends on whether you need to be pointed to both satellites. A second antenna is a simple way to avoid running a cable to the other building. If it's much more than 100 feet away you might be better off with a second antenna but it's really simple to bury a cable so that might be a possibility. Just go below the frost line. Do you know what frost is?

You can't get programming on the second receiver for free since it has to be activated by Dish. But it's only $5 for the second activation.

I've heard there are pirates selling cards that will get all the programming. I've heard more about them getting prosecuted and paying huge fines than I have about where to get the cards. This is more practical for Direct TV where the card controls everything. For Dish the receiver controls the programming and it is harder to hack. Apparently they both are going to change to different receivers without cards that cannot be hacked (yet). So don't be surprised if you need new receivers by the end of the year. Hopefully they will be free replacements.

There are lots of systems on Ebay but some are only for first time customers.