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04-03-2002, 12:50 PM
Hi I was wondering how you did in Iowa? who won the tournament. I was at jackpot took 25-32 I lost to rich cunningham and seco. I cant believe I let seco out of the set. seco and cunningham were the only 2 from Mn I played man thats a tough field. good shooting Jon from Mn

Chris Cass
04-03-2002, 04:24 PM
Why in the world didn't I meet you? I wanted to. Was Radge there? Well, glad to hear you placed somewhere in that, grind of a tourney. I won one match and then 2 and out. Couldn't get into it. Don't have a clue why? Drove 6 1/2 hrs to play. Got there at 10 min. before the matches were suppose to start and waited 2 hrs to play.

They, screwed up my room reservations and wanted to charge me for an extra day. Everything that could go wrong, did. That's over though, I shot like a pewk. Me and Jesse stayed till Sun. then we drove back. Next time I'll do better. The field was strong but at the same time they were short tables and under estimated, the draw. The tourney charts were messed up too. They had to redo the chart. I wanted a do over myself. LOL Matches running 2 hrs late. Ending at 3am and scheduled for 8am. WOW.

I want to hear your excuse for not looking me up, losing to Seco V. and wheres Radge? Now the next time I go and you don't intoduce yourself to me, I'm going to personally go door to door in MN. and find you. I have snow shoes, ya know. LOLLOL

Good Job,
C.C.~~200 players, 25-32 is very respectable.

04-12-2002, 10:36 AM
I have been looking for results for the Jackpot Junction tournaments and can't find them. MNbilliards doesn't have them up yet. Any help would be appreciated.

I was in Waterloo at the Iowa BCA State tournament. It was my first time on the Diamond smart tables and I thought they were incredible.

As for results of the tournament:

Mens Masters
1. Whitey Walker
2. Gordy Peterson
3. James Baraks (Wilson)
4. Tommy Hernandez

After that I am not sure. Jamie forfeited out of the tournament after his open team was disqualified. They ruled that there were two masters players on the team, Jamie and his mom. His mom is on the Women's masters list, obviously, but the rules state that there can only be one masters level player on an open team. A bit of controversy, but that was the ruling that was made.

I was reading on the MNbilliards NG that a team was disqualified from the MOMA tournament and I was wondering what happened with that. There weren't alot of details, but from what I could gather, it was Tony Z's team and Jesse B. was under the age of 21 and not allowed to play.

Mike B.

Chris Cass
04-13-2002, 05:27 PM
Yes to both Mike. Debbie was disqualified and I thought it was unfair. She hasn't played for yrs and is slowly coming back. The problem I saw was she and their team went to every avenue to find out if it was ok.

Everyone one said they didn't see a problem. Even went to Duaine Bowman who ran the event as president. They were kicking butt. The team that complained was non-other than from one of Duaines own businesses, in Cedar Rapids.

The rude thing was one of the woman from the team that protested laughed at Deb and said "haha your disQualified". Deb was hurt but wouldn't give the screwy b. the satisfaction.

Jesse was disqualified but tell me theirs no justice sometimes in life.


05-05-2002, 09:41 PM
Jackpot Junction results went up on the site as soon as we got them from Chalk Talk Productions.

The disqualification at the MN MOMA tournament was Tony Z.'s team. MOMA disqualified them because Jeese Bowman wasn't 21. We held a poll on that and the consensous was that MOMA should have let them play short.

We've offered to let MOMA publish their rules on the site next year so that these misunderstandings are avoided.