View Full Version : My trip to Atlanta

08-01-2003, 11:13 AM
Alright I tought I could give you a short resume of my stay in Atlanta and the pool room I visited.

I arrived on Sunday at 4:00pm after a 9 hours journey. Check-in the hotel room and went straight to what was important.... Pool Hall.

The first place I visited was Mr. Cues. Nice traditional room with very friendly staff. As I walked in they just ended a wheelchair tourny and were having their APA league games going on. So I walk up to rail bird stage and started watching some players in the member area. It hadn't been 5 minutes that a Fillipino player there invited me for a game, I politely declined as I new he was after my money more then my game. It would have been easy for him, as I watched him run 4 racks of nine and knew that I was nowhere his speed.

So I got myself a table hoping that someone from the league would get intested in playing a few racks. But no, I praticed for 2 hours and half and decided to stop to get something to eat. Got myself a burger and sat to watch other players.

There was a young girl there, prolly early 20s, who was playing a mean game. She kept beating that poor fellow who couldn't compete at all with her. Good looking girl too !

I watch 2 older men playing some 1 hole, an asian fellow and a white long hair fellow with spagetti string coming out of his mouth, weird thing I couldn't tell what it was. That game was interesting as I had never seen 1 hole but the games I played in.

other fact of interest: There was a dude their so drunk he fell off just beside me trying to get out of his chair. They tried to help him to get up, he felt right back on the floor. After leacing him there for 20 minutes. A big man came by, picked him up and put him on cab.

My rating of the room on 10:

Premises: 8
Players: 10
Tables : 8
Overall appreciation: 8

On my third night (tuesday) I visited StarZone. Nice game hall with Video games, darts, blacklight table, bar boxes and very nice diamond 9'. I got in with a friend, got a table and played for about 3 hours. There wasn't a lot of people there, so not much happend on that night. Tho I went back on the thursday and had a lot more fun. First the place was packed with BCA players getting ready for the BCA open. I ended up playing with a guy named Curtis. We ran a few racks of 9-ball without really keeping score. At the end, I think he won more games then I did, but I did alright. Talking with Curtis was interesting, he showed me some cues (Pred, Joss, Jerry Olivier) he was selling and I ended up buying a pred shaft. My friend bought a nice Joss from him and is pleased with it.

I will probably go back tonight, Curtis was saying that Helena Thornfeld and Monica Webb are often there practicing on Fridays. So I got to go see the ladies !

Premises: 10
Tables: 9
Players: 8

Overall: 9

I also visited a small room called Corner pocket, it wasn't the nicest places but the people were friendly and they add a karaoke night that was just too funny ! I met a guy there called Ed and played some 9-ball with him. Tho I got the best of it, we had fun and played until 2h30am. They had 12 Gandy tables and 3 bar boxes. They were not in great conditions, but level.

Premises: 7
Players: 7
Tables: 7

Overall: 8 (just because of that Karaoke thing)