View Full Version : Best Jump Shot Ever???

08-08-2003, 05:44 PM
The strangest, and BEST jump shot I have ever seen happened the other night. Three of us were playing a cheap ring game, $2 five ball, $5 nine ball. I shot at the four ball and hung it right in the pocket. It was sitting there by just a hair. The next player did not have a shot, since the cue ball was now hooked behind the seven ball. He pulled out his jump cue and jumped over the seven. When the cue ball landed on the table, the impact was just strong enough that the four ball fell into the pocket. The cue ball harmlessly rolled around the pocket for perfect position on the five, and he ran out.

The question is, since the cue ball did not make actual contact with the four ball, is it a legal shot? We were so humored by the shot that we gave it to him anyways. I have never seen this happen before, but would this go in a tournament?

08-08-2003, 06:15 PM
Here you go,

If a ball shifts, settles, turns or otherwise moves “by itself,” the ball shall remain in the position it assumed and play continues. A hanging ball that falls into a pocket “by itself” after being motionless for 5 seconds or longer shall be replaced as closely as possible to its position prior to falling, and play shall continue. If an object ball drops into a pocket “by itself” as a player shoots at it, so that the cue ball passes over the spot the ball had been on, unable to hit it, the cue ball and object ball are to be replaced to their positions prior to the stroke, and the player may shoot again. Any other object balls disturbed on the stroke are also to be replaced to their original positions before the shooter replays.