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08-08-2003, 11:39 PM
Does anyone hve any tips on cleaning a fibeglass shaft. I had just recently won this Scorpion cue on ebay for $30 which retails for 140. normally. It was never used or chalked. I dont normally like fiberglass cues but this one played fairly well. I was very impressed in the playability. But anyways was just wondering if anyone had any tips on cleaning a fiberglass cue. I have stuff to clean my wood shaft on my Siegel cue but i dont know if it will be ok to use on a fiberglass cue. I use Q Clean to first clean the cue then I use the Mizerak Q-Wiz to smooth and polish it up.Can I use the same stuff on the Scorpion fiberglass shaft?

08-09-2003, 11:15 AM
How to care for your Cuetec Cue:
You may use a slightly dampened soft cloth or paper towel to clean your cue. The type of cloth that is best suited is the type used to clean eyeglasses.

Use only Cuetec Hi-Tech to dampen your cloth or paper towel. This is available at your local Cuetec Cue dealer. It is the only product designed and formulated to clean, condition, and protect your Cuetec or other fiberglass/graphite cue. Cuetec Hi-Tech will keep that factory smooth finish and insure a smooth stroke for the life of your cue The use of any other cue care product could permanently damage your cue and possibly void the warrantee.

Do not use any abrasive cleaners! You will strip the finish and void the warrantee.!

Do not use any caustic or volatile chemicals! You will strip the finish and void the warrantee.

Do not use any kind of shaft slicker/smoother! You will strip the finish and void the warrantee.

If you should slightly scratch, ding, or dent the surface of a clear fiberglass clad shaft take the cue to your local authorized Cuetec Dealer who might be able to repair it for you

If the shaft is irreparable you can purchase a new shaft with clear fiberglass cladding (available in 12 &13mm tip sizes and Regular/Extra Long lengths) at your local Cuetec Cue dealer.

Stright from the Cuetec site. Will work for all fiberglass cues.