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08-14-2003, 01:19 PM
Read the following press release:

De Federatie van het Biljart van Nederland
(The Billiards Federation of the Netherlands)

August 2, 2003

Effective immediately, all jump cues are banned from use in all local billiards events & competitions sanctioned by the B.F.N.

Jump shots will be allowed under the following conditions:

<ul type="square"> The B.F.N. Rubber cueball is utilized.
The B.F.N. "Mini-Trampoline Cueball Launcher" is employed.
The reintroduction of the scoop shot makes this jumping method legal under B.F.N. guidelines.
Jump shots are legal on tournament tables that have the new B.F.N. approved spring loaded rubber slate.

No jump cues, shaft jumps or variations of the same will be allowed. Failure to comply will result in immediate tournament disqualification, fines, civil sanctions and a one-year suspension from B.F.N. competition.

In addition, the B.F.N.E.M.A. (Billiards Federation of the Netherlands Equipment Manufacturing Association) is currently studying the use of a helium-filled thin-walled phenolic/rubber composition cueball that will eliminate the need for a specialty cue for jump shots. We are also involved in the production of an asbestos/kevlar pool table cloth that resists all markings from pool cues, ball racking, miscues and up to .357 magnum handguns.

For further details of these sweeping rules changes and innovative product introductions and launch dates, please contact your local B.F.N. Representative.<hr /></blockquote>

There you have it.

Man Qtec! You guys have it tough!



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I am currently working on developing a special tip, coated with my special formule.

CC , with my new tip , no-one will ever snigger at your break anymore.