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08-16-2003, 04:32 PM
Hi all! This post is long, I'll apologize in advance.

After receiving many emails and phone calls with great ideas for our Advanced Pool Tournament Series, we have decided to move forward.

The concept will be a 32 Major City Series, with 2 - 32 Player 9-Ball Qualifying Tournaments. The top 8 players + 8 Wild Card Players (50% of the field) will advance to that City's Semi-Final (total field of 32 players).

The top 8 players will be seeded against the Wild Card Players in the Semi-Finals. From the Semi-Finals, the Winner + 1 Wild Card player will earn an expense paid trip to the National Championship (Air, Hotel, Most Meals and After Party on Saturday Night). Two additional Wild Card Players will be invited to attend the Nationals, but at their own airfare expense (hotel, meals and after party will be provided). We will keep drawing names, until the 2 additional Wild Card Players accept the invitation. All Players will share a hotel room, unless they wish to pay the single supplement. There will be special rate packages available in case the Player wishes to bring their spouse, significant other, etc., this will give the National Championship a field of up to 128 Players.

The name for the Series will be Champions Quest, and will have a $100 Entry Fee. Players may compete in as many Qualifiers as necessary, but may advance to a certain Semi-Final only once (example: Player may participate in the Los Angles and San Francisco Regionals to attempt to earn a berth in the Nationals), and may only advance to the National Championship only once per Series.

Champions Quest will be an OPEN 9-Ball Double Elimination Tournament Series. The races are to 5, except in the final match of the bracket, then the race is to 7. Alternating Breaks will be used.

Any player may participate, with an exception: If a player is listed on the official BCA Website as a Pro or Master then the following applies to all matches:

Pro's: If their immediate opponent is -

Listed as a Pro also - then no games are given.
Listed as a Master - then 1 game is given.
Not listed as either on the BCA Website - 2 games are given.

Master's: If their immediate opponent is -

Listed as a Pro - then the Master player is given 1 game.
Listed as a Master also - then no games are given.
Not listed as either on the BCA Website - 1 game is given.

The prize purse will be up to $75,000, with up to $15,000 for 1st place. 1st through 128th place will be in the money!

However - I need your help!

Below is a list of the 32 Cities. I would like your opinion on which Pool House with at least 20 - 9' tables would be a great place to host our Qualifiers and Semi-Finals in these Cities?

Also, we will need 2 Tournament Coordinators (TC) per Qualifier/Semi-Final to assist the BCA Referee and Pool House Staff in setting up the Tournament - (hanging banners, table/chair arrangement, Tournament Flow, Player Registration, coordinating the raffle tickets, Tournament Board Administration, etc.) This will be a paid position (you won't get rich off the fee) and a TC may work as many Qualifiers/Semi-Finals as they wish.

Here are the Cities:

Jacksonville, Florida
Orlando, Florida
Atlanta, Georgia
Charlotte, N. Carolina
Memphis, Tennessee
Nashville, Tennessee
New Orleans, Louisiana
Dallas, Texas
Houston, Texas
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Phoenix, Arizona
Las Vegas, Nevada
Los Angles, California
San Francisco, California
Seattle, Washington
Salt Lake City, Utah
Denver, Colorado
Des Moines, Iowa
Chicago, Illinois
Kansas City, Missouri
St. Louis, Missouri
Indianapolis, Indiana
Columbus, Ohio
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Detroit, Michigan
Montreal, Canada
Boston, Massachusetts
New York, New York
Buffalo, New York
Baltimore, Maryland
Richmond, Virginia

I have TC's in Boston, Chicago, Jacksonville and Atlanta.

As always, your suggestions and opinions are very important to us. This looks to be an awesome Series. At the National Championship, we will be creating a Live Digital feed to broadcast as a Live WebCast on the internet. This same live feed will be used to produce DVD's of the event. We will have T-Shirts available at all events. We will have $5 Raffle Tickets at each Qualifier for a Custom Cue to be given away at each Semi-Final and the National Championship, plus we will have $5 Raffle Tickets for (2) All Expense Paid Trips to the Nationals for Two (tickets will be sold at all Qualifiers and Semi-Finals - then 2 winners will be drawn after the last Semi-Final is held).

We will be updating our website over the next week to reflect the new Series.

Thanks - Tom

Email - Tom@SuperChallenges.com
(912) 865-9274 - Office #

08-17-2003, 08:20 AM

After receiving emails, and viewing posts on other boards - please recommend your favorite pool room location if it has 12 or more tables. We prefer at least 16 to jump start the Tourney - but, we could adjust.

I now have TC's for Boston, Chicago, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Dallas and Charlotte.

Thanks - Tom

08-18-2003, 04:23 PM
Greeting Everyone!

So far we have Tournament Coordinators (TC's) in Boston, Chicago, Jacksonville, Orlando, Seattle, Dallas, Charlotte and Atlanta. 8 Cities down - 24 Cities to go . . . .

TC's will receive a commission for assisting in the Tournament, plus earn a Revenue Sharing Bonus based on the Net profit of the Tournament Series. The TC may also earn a commission on Sponsorships and Advertising Sales.

NEWS - We have added something new to the format - Local "Play In" Tournaments. We will be contacting all Billiard Rooms, Pubs, Bars, Taverns within a 100 mile radius of the 32 Qualifier Cities that have pool tables, and get them set up to host a Qualifying Tournament "Play In"!

The "Play In's" will be a 4-Player Mini-Tournament and will cost $25 + Table Time (if the establishment doesn't comp it) per player. Each Play In will be Double Elimination 9-Ball Race to 5. Players of all abilities are welcome to compete, with the standard exception for those players listed on the BCA website as a Pro or Master.

The winner of the "Play In" will advance, entry fee paid, to the next available Qualifying Tournament in their respective Region. This will allow those players not able, or willing, to spend the $100 Entry Fee. Plus, "Play In's" will give us a better chance of having the full 32 player field for each Qualifier.

Does anyone know of any Billiard related businesses that they feel may be interested in Sponsorship of the Tournament Series? How about a special BCA certified Referee that has worked a Tournament in your area that you would highly recommend?

We should have the website updated this week with the Champions Quest Tournament information. All ideas and suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks - Tom

Email - Tom@SuperChallenges.com