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08-20-2003, 11:15 AM
What does everyone feel has the greatest impact on the "hit" of a cue? The type of joint you choose? What about when you try different ferrule/tip combos?

Reason I am asking is I was looking at purchasing a Viking cue, but it has so many different joint options and such and wanted to get some feedback on the best approach to this.

I personally like the feel of a good solid hard hit. The joint options are full threaded or quick release, and then different threadings/pin types and stainless joint or other.

Thanks in advance everyone....

08-20-2003, 12:13 PM
I think that the thing that has the greatest impact on the feel of the hit is the tip. I have played with very soft tips like the Elk Master up to the very solid phenolic tips (sometimes on the same cue) and have to say that the tip makes the biggest difference.

The ferrule and joint do make a bit of difference altough it is less than the tip and hard to judge since I can't just change a ferrule or change a joint like I can a tip.

I think that the taper of the shaft is the second most important thing after the tip. I have a Schuler with an "American" taper shaft that is very stiff. With a Talisman PRO XH tip it is a delight to play with.

Two of my cues ar Vikings: One is a P7 with a #5 (implex-implex) joint and the other is a VM15 with a #3 (double-threaded) joint. While the double threaded joint does hit firmly, I think that the biggest difference that the joint makes to the cue is that it moves the balance a bit more towards the tip end. I have matched 314 shafts with Moori MHs and the regular Viking shafts with Talisman PRO soft on one and an XH on the other.

On the P7's regular shaft, I have tried every grade of tip that Talisman makes on it a settled on the soft since it felt the most like the Mooori. On the VM-15's regular shaft, I started with a Talisman soft and switched to an XH to change the hit.

The rest of the feel of the hit is in the dynamic/harmonic response of the cue.


08-21-2003, 06:02 AM
I have always been a believer that the importance of different parts of the cue are related to the distance from the business end. The farther from the tip, the less impact on the playability of the cue. That being said, you indicate you prefer a good solid hard hit. I would see what is available with a radial pin joint.