View Full Version : blackout = high gas prices, yeah Right!

08-21-2003, 10:26 AM
Central Texas drivers are having an attack of sticker shock at the pump. statesment.com (http://www.statesman.com/asection/content/auto/epaper/editions/wednesday/news_f334d161539f526200c9.html)

I forget where i got this from...

Somehow I just knew they'd blame the blackout for high gas prices and use it as an excuse to extort money out of our wallets.* I don't buy any of these excuses.* I think the whole thing is spoof by the Feds to raise prices until Labor Day.* Let's face it, the government is getting broke by the war.* What better way than to team up with the oil companies in a plot to increase revenue by inflated oil prices?

SCENE: Two men puffing cigars are seated at long black table in dim and smoky conference room.* Piles of papers are strewn about on the table.* A bright spotlight illuminates the center of the table:

Evil Fed Honcho: "We'll release a phony news story saying a pipeline in Arizona broke and raise prices."*

Evil Oil Co. Exec: "We need to make it more convincing than that, General."*

Evil Fed Honcho: "In addition, we'll stage a massive 2-day power blackout.* That should sway attention away sufficiently.* It will convince people we've got big energy-use problems."

Evil Oil Co. Exec: "Great strategy.* We'll start by raising gas prices by a quarter in the beginning... but what about the national reserve inventory?"

Evil Fed Honcho: "Simple.* Just release a phony news story saying we don't have any.* Say inventory is low.* We'll put Bush on TV and have him say the power grid needs to be fixed, too.* Most Americans are gullible.* They'll believe it all."