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08-27-2003, 03:21 PM
"Bank shots and combination shots are not considered obvious, and care should be taken in calling both the object ball and the intended pocket." World Standardized Rules, 8-Ball, BCA.

I always thought that a bank shot is a kick shot until I watched Jeanette Lee's video about kick shot.
My questions are
1) is a kick shot considered an obvious shot?

2) let's say I intend to sink on object ball (ball A) into a pocket (let's say Pocket A) infront of it. but i miscue and the direction of ball A is not straight to the pocket. on its way, it contacts another object ball (ball B), and the deflection makes the intended ball go into pocket A. i believe such shot is still obvious and no call is to be made prior to that shot. Am i right?

08-27-2003, 04:12 PM
Actually, BeanDiesel, the other board was the right place for this question, so I've responded over there!

This board is just for the "how-to"s of the mechanics of the site for folks new to the site, not new to pool...

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08-27-2003, 04:15 PM
ooh really, i thought the other board isn't the right one for this question. thanks a lot SPetty.

03-31-2005, 11:23 AM
For clearification: a "kick shot" is when the cue ball strikes a rail first before contacting the object ball. A bank shot is where the cue ball strikes the object and it banks of a rail.

In your example: In a game where the rules are "call pocket" - if the ball you call is pocketed according to your "call" then it is a legal shot. If it kisses your ball - that incidental. If it kissed your apponenents ball (in 8-Ball) it is a foul.

When the rules are "call pocket" then calling every aspect of the shot is not required and is not to your advantage.

When a player's game is at the advance level we like "call shot" which is calling every single aspect of the shot, kisses, # of rails, carums, combos. I guess it's a pride thing because if we succeed we want our apponent to know it wasn't an accident!