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08-27-2003, 03:26 PM
Man last night they were playing lots of his music on the local rock station, why only on his aniversity??

Quotes About Stevie Ray
From Those Who Knew Him

B.B. King

"... not just a loss to music, it's a loss to people as a whole. The only thing that keeps me from crying is knowing the joy he brought us."

"I've said that playing the blues is like having to be black twice. Stevie missed on both counts, but I never noticed it."

"... he was always quick to show gratitude to me and other artists who have been around. But when it came to playing the blues he earned plenty of respect himself."

Eric Clapton

"I don't think anyone has commanded my respect more, to this day. The first time I heard Stevie Ray, I thought, "Whoever this is, he is going to shake the world". I was in my car and I remember thinking, I have to find out, before the day is over, who that guitar player is. That doesn't happen to me very often, that I get that way about listening to music. I mean, about three or four times in my life I've felt that way, in a car, listening to the radio, where I've stopped the car, pulled over, listened, and thought, I've got to find out before the end of the day, not, you know, sooner or later, but I have to know NOW who that is.

"...and I remember being fascinated by the fact that he never, ever seemed to be... lost in any way. It was as though he never took a breather... or took a pause to think where he was gonna go next, it just flowed out of him. He seemed to be an open channel and music just flowed out. It's going to be a long time before anyone that brilliant will come along again."

Buddy Guy

"It was an honor to have him do [my] tunes, because just like I went to Muddy Waters and paid tribute to him, everyone pays tribute to someone they admired a lot. Music is handed down to the next generation. And he wasn't just some white kid saying, 'I got it.' He told the truth. 'I got this from Buddy Guy or Albert Collins,' or whoever he wanted to talk about. That was some of his greatness."

"Stevie is the best friend I ever had, the best guitarist I ever heard, and the best person anyone will ever want to know. He will be missed a lot."

Bonnie Raitt

"The most lasting memory I have of Stevie is his passion... I don't think there's anyone that tears into a song the way he did. I think Stevie Ray was coming from some place so deep and so beautiful that there's no one you can compare to him."

"To me Stevie Ray was the greatest blues guitarist. For fire and passion and soulfulness, he was untouchable. He was scary to those of us who watched him. But he was so humble and gracious as a friend and he wasn't stuck up about his playing."

Robert Cray

"... for a long time coming there's going to be a lot of frustrated guitar players trying to pick up on Stevie's stuff."

"I'll always remember how he kicked my ass all the time on the guitar. It was inspirational, you know?"

John Lee Hooker

"The first time we met was in Austin, Texas at Antone's, and it was him and his brother Jimmie. That was fifteen or twenty years ago, and at the time he could play tremendously. And I said 'Someday, this kid's going to shake the whole world up.' And he was one of the nicest people. You couldn't help but like him; you couldn't help but love him."

To me, he's one of the greatest blues singers there ever was. I'm ver sad because I wish he were here. But his music will never die. He's one pf the greatest blues musicians that ever picked up a guitar."

Lonnie Mack

"As I got to know him better, it was easy to see that he had a really good spirit. Stevie was a giver, man - not only to his friends, but to everybody. He was a very spiritual person."

"He played his complete self through the guitar. And he knew that playing music wasn't about who sounded better than who else. It was the style that counted, and it was about having a good time."

Albert Collins

"We jammed many times, and I had so much fun. I really miss him. He did some Jimi Hendrix, some Albert King, a little of me, but he had it together for what he wanted to do. He had a direction and he made it work. The kids really liked his fire."

Gregg Allman

"I remember when he first came out, he was doing [Voodoo Chile], and I heard all these people going 'Ah, he's just trying to do Hendrix.' But he went a lot furher than that. He was absolutely 100-proof pure blues. Albert Collins, Muddy Waters - the essence of that was in everything he played. More than the Allman Brothers, he was straight-down-the-line blues."

"Stevie was always playing. After he'd get offstage, he'd get on his bus. And he had all these Stratocasters hanging there. He'd grab one and start goin'."

Koko Taylor

"People didn't pay attention to the blues. Vaughan was one of the ones who changed that."

Joe Satriani

"As a guitar player, he had an incredible signature tone and an extreme intensity. He played one of the most difficult guitars to play - the Fender Stratocaster - and he played with really heavy strings. And he strung it with high action, which means you have to really work harder than anyone to try to get a sound out. But if you've got what it takes, then what comes out is something very big and bold and original."

"In August of 1988, we opened two shows for him at the Pier in New York, and I got to really listen to him up close. You could tell he was always striving to find that magical point. He was good at reaching for the magic and finding it."

"I think what I'll really remember is the way he stood, you know? Sweat-drenched, with his eyes closed, grabbing some incredible note. Someone has to be totally absorbed to play like that.To play that intensely sort of wreaks havoc on the body - it's sort of a painful ecstasy. He played the blues, you know? I guess I'll remember that most of all."

Hubert Sumlin

"[Stevie] was a friend of mine, partner - one of the best. I been knowing Stevie a long time, since he was a kid - him and Jimmie. I played with them so many times in Austin when Antone's had the first club on 6th and Brazos."

"I'll tell you the truth: That boy was something else, man. I feel like he was one of the greatest guys and guitar players who ever lived. And he was really just getting to do his thing."

Steve Vai

"His playing reached out to you. He wasn't so concerned with technique and flash, but at the same time, he had it by the truckload. He never let technique rule his heart; he always played directly what was on his mind."

"Sometimes players come along that are just so stunningly technical that they dazzle, and then you have players that come along that with their musicianship, they're great songwriters, and they pretty much inspire people with their sense of melody. But Stevie ray Vaughan could roll it all into a very well-balanced package."

08-27-2003, 04:45 PM
Good Post nAz man....luv me some Stevie Ray...

08-27-2003, 08:32 PM
Thanks Naz! I needed that. SRV is with me everyday. I love that man. Lock

Voodoo Daddy
08-28-2003, 04:06 PM
Thanks NAZ for that post. I own over 100 hours of SRV on CD and I seen him live half a dozen times, everytime with my best friend Kenny. Saw with my own two eyes a man transform into his instrument ala HENDRIX. Saw him play with his brother Jimmy, Roy Bucannon, Robert Cray and Jeff Beck. Sad day it was when he died, my mom called me to ask if I heard. I just sat and cried.....

08-28-2003, 04:11 PM
ya I wish they would play more of his tunes on the freaking radio.
tahnk god for MP3s and the internat juke box @ the Pool hall.

my man like many other died way way too young.

Blueman quote:
" After he got clean and sober in 86, he spent a lot of time after shows and just in general, helping people get clean. He would be doing the usual meet and greet after concerts, people would ask him how he got clean and he would take them in and help them out. He was also known to visit childrens hospitals to brighten up kids days. They were doing a study of the effects of his music and healing before he died, was some great stuff"

08-31-2003, 11:06 AM

We get plenty SRV play here in NC. He is still so popular down here, I guess that is the reason. I found a great site with plenty of blues artists. Thought you might be interested in it. Not but a few of SRV's songs. Lock

09-02-2003, 01:05 PM
Good site