View Full Version : World v UK in big event in October!

09-03-2003, 04:25 PM
Some of the World's top 9ball players will be coming to the UK in October for a double elimination, 32 man invitational tournament.

The cream of World pool will take on some of the best players in the UK in what promises to be an amazing 3 day event held in Doncaster, England.

Doug Gordon of the UK Tour is the man who has put this event on, and all the players in the UK will be practising hard to take on the players coming.

Earl Strickland, Francisco Bustamente, Ralf Souquet, Thorsten Hohmann, Fabio Petroni, Sandor Tot, Marcus Chamat and David Alcaide will be entering the event, along with top UK players like Imran Majid and Daryl Peach.

The prize money is 6,000, around $10,000 and everyone will want to take home some of that!