View Full Version : we had a flood

09-04-2003, 10:06 AM
We had a flood Tuesday.

It's rained more this summer than any I can recall. The final insult was Tuesday. You've seen people on the news say "Gee it came up so fast". I never believed it until I saw it.

satellite map (http://terraserver-usa.com/addressimage.aspx?t=1&s=10&alon=-84.42828855&alat=39.31326855&w=1&ref=A%7cWindisch+ Rd%2c+West+Chester%2c+OH+45069&Lon=-84.4292396156&Lat=39.3118553708)

The road you see is Windisch Rd. To the right and parallel is a creek. Our building is between the road and the creek. The creek came out of its banks in about 5 minutes and turned the road into a river.

In the back of the building 3 cars were covered and 6 dumpsters floated away down the road. Fortunately my truck was in the front. It only came up halfway on my tires and about 2 inches shy of getting into the building. Looks like somebody built on a flood plain. DOH!