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09-04-2003, 02:54 PM
A Brazilian who went to a surgery complaining of earache is suing doctors after they performed a vasectomy on him instead.

Valdemar Lopes de Moraes, 39, went to his local surgery in Montes Claros and told the receptionist he had been feeling pain in the ear for days.

On the same day there was a vasectomy scheduled for a man called Aldemar Rodrigues, 29 and when the receptionist called "Aldemar", Valdemar thought he was being called and went in.

Doctor Luiz Carlos Lenoir told Estado de Sao Paulo newspaper that he was a bit surprised when he saw his patient had not been shaved but nothing else was said and he carried on with the surgery.

Mr Moraes said: "I thought my earache had turned into something more serious and had descended to my genitals, that is why I didn't say anything."

The hospital will perform another surgery at Mr Moraes to reverse the vasectomy next week.

Mr Moraes said: "I don't care about the vasectomy I already have two sons. What I really want is that they cure this earache that is killing me."
Which reminds me of an old joke:
guy has terrible headaches, and sees Dr.after Dr. with no relief. Finally one tells him that the only cure is castration...and after thinking it over for several days, agrees to have it done...amazingly the headaches disappear.
The guy is so relieved he decides to buy a whole new wardrobe, and take a vacation. At the men's store, the slaesman starts calling off his sizes, without any measurements...coat size 40 pants 33/32 shirt 16/31 underwear med...but the guy says.." hey, that's the first thing you got wrong, I wear small" the salesman says "Oh no, if you wear small they'll pinch your b***s, and give you terrible headaches"
I'm thinking total castration will cure dem earaches