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L.S. Dennis
09-09-2003, 11:18 PM
continued from last night


My most memorable experience involving Dorothy occurred when she invited me to accompany her to a big tournament in
San Francisco Dorothy was scheduled to compete in a straight pool tournament at the old Palace Billiards on Market Street against the likes of 'Tugboat Whaley' and Joe Bachelor. (Palace was not far from Cochran's Billiards, owned by Welker Cochran, one of the greatest balkline and three cushion billiard player of all time. Palace was the more upscale, well-bred room; Cochran's was where the heavy action was to be found.) Dorothy asked me to ask my father if I could go with her. She must have known I would enjoy the experience, and , who knows, perhaps she wanted some company as well.

When we arrived at Palace Billiards, Dorothy let me carry her cue case up the back stairs leading into the area where the tournament room was. It was heady stuff for a young kid.

She lost that night to Tugboat Whaley but played with great class. It was really something to see a woman play competitively in a tournament at all.


Dorothy's cue was an old 21-oz Hoppe cue, which is what most people had in those days. It had an ivory ring around the butt, which was not uncommon, but it had a very unusual ferrule-- unusual because it was about 2 3/4" long. Jimmy's cue had a similar ferrule; he handled the cue repairs at Sequoia Billiards and I suspect he was behind the long ferrules, which must have been put on for looks. Jimmy sold Hoppe cues, and I bought my first one from him for $21. along with a Brunswick case ($12.) similar to the one Paul Newman carried in The Hustler I'm happy to say that I still have that cue and case today!

I'll conclude this story of my memories of Dorothy Wise tomorrow, hope you're enjoying it!

Harold Acosta
09-09-2003, 11:53 PM
LS Dennis:

This is excellent material; specially your own memories, which I believe should be worth a million to you!

Thanks for posting something different on this Board, we sure need to get our minds back to what this board should really be about.

Thanks, once again...

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L.S. Dennis
09-11-2003, 09:26 AM
You're welcome!