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09-11-2003, 11:09 AM
A little background first. Eagle eye was our small (Kansas) town local character, apply nicknamed because of only having one eye. I donít recall ever hearing him called anything else. Well not his real name anyway. Two things about him that stick in my mind, was his great homebrew and the best coonhounds in our neck of the woods.
I was 14 and had a passion for pool and coon hunting, either order. I got invited to go for a couple of reasons, one being my folks made some mean wine. They had kegs of it, in the cellar, and a keg is hard to tell when some of it is missing. I got a couple of quarts of wine, one grape and elderberry and another of chokecherry.
Grapes and Eagle eye stopped by to pick me up and we headed out to a local creek that had plenty of coon. The dogs made a couple of good runs and we called it quits about 10 pm. We built a fire and started sipping on the wine. When the wine was down to a few drops. I got up enough nerve to ask Eagle eye what happened to his other eye. He told me that when he was growing up on the farm he and his two brothers bought a pool table, as the homesteads were small affairs back then, they had no room for it in the house so they fixed up a old corn crib and every night they would play. Eagle eye got pretty good and was soon beating all the locals. He hopped a freight train to Kansas City and started playing for money. He did quite well for a couple of weeks thinking this was the life. A lot easier than farming for sure. He finally got into a big money game, and was doing quite well. He was up around fifty dollars (year around 1911) and decided to call it a night. To make a long story short, they didnít take to kindly of their money walking out the door, and Eagle eye not knowing how rough a crowd he was in left anyway. He didnít make it very far and they grabbed him and took him in the alley and beat him badly. He woke up in the hospital with several broken bones and lost of one eye.
I never shared the story until now, as it wasnít mine to tell, I always wondered if he would have went on to greater heights, but who knows what life will deal.
A few years after he told me this, Eagle eye was killed, while he was lighting a lamp, there was a gas leak in the house and it blew up