View Full Version : Which Gold Crown should I go with???

09-15-2003, 06:25 PM
Hi, I am seeing some Gold Crowns pop up around my area. There are some II and III and I think there is also a Gold Crown I. I am trying to choose which one I should go with. Would the older Gold Crowns be better because they had higher quality back in the days or what? Also, can someone explain the big differences between the I, II, and III. I wouldn't mind a IV but I haven't found any used ones. So, should I go with the I, II, or III? Which one would you go with and why??? Thanks for your help.

Also, would the Gum Rubber cushions need to be replaced on the old Gold crowns? How much is the Brunswick Superspeed cushions for a 9' table?

Please give any suggestions that you might have. Thanks again.