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Ralph S.
04-11-2002, 02:34 AM
This past weekend I was in Indianapolis for the American Legion conference. I had a great time drinking and partying after the meetings and all but I had to take my cues with me since I knew I would want to play some. I went to a hall in Indy called Chalkie's and let me tell you that it is a very nice upscale place. Jeanette Lee practices and plays there frequently, so I was in hopes of running into her. No such luck, she had been in Friday instead of the day of my visit which was Saturday night. I don't get to play on quality 9'ers very often and their tables are trmendous. They are all Diamond professionals with the Simonis 860 cloth. Some of the shots I encountered happened to be a might tough considering the intoxicated state I was in, but I still managed to shoot fairly well and had a helluva time. I was surprised that this was a non-smoking facility and yet generated the amount of business that it does. I highly recomend this establishment if any fellow CCB'ers ever happen to be in Indy. The table rates are very reasonable too.
Ralph S.

04-11-2002, 12:58 PM
Ralph S...Yep! Been there! Great place! Nice equipment, and nicer people!

Scott Lee