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09-25-2003, 08:07 AM
you remember when you took a long break or just started shooting.

being consistant was such a pain.

(back history. when i was 14 or 15 i started to shoot stick. walked across town to my local hall, ended up getting a job there played till i was 17. stoped because it wasnt fun anymore. it became a job to play everyday. and i didnt like that. now im 25 and just started playing again.)

its like yesterday i had to work on my stance. it had to be the same every time. and i found i would do differnt things w/ my legs and it was just annoying to have to remind myself to stand like "this" for every shot.

then it was my stroke. (still working on this one) it needs to be a bit more fluid and smooooooth. my stroke is ok but could use some work.

all then my favorite. AIMING. i could have hung myself by the end of the day if i keept shooting. lol

i had to keep telling myself. make the object ball THEN worry about the leave. there is no point in a leave if you dont make your intended shot.

i know these 3 things are LARGE 3 things to work on but man sometimes it gets so fustrating its annnoying.

you guys/gals ever feel like that?

09-25-2003, 11:09 AM
Pool=Frustration=motivation to improve=more frustration

Why do we play? Because it's the challenge and the chase to be better.

Side bar to playing pool:
1. meeting and sharing the pain and pleasure with others in the same boat.
2. competing (doing the TEST) to see if you still have it, or if the practice is paying off.
3. Sharing the Losses
4. Sharing the Wins
5. Practicing (yeah, I enjoy this)
6. Matching up with and old friend and finding out he/she has gotten TONS better.

I'm sure there is more, please add if you like.